The 200 Day Journal Continues… on Instagram and Beyond


October 1, 2020 you are cordially invited to jump in and journal as the #200dayjournal continues.

What is the 200 Day Journal? The 200 Day Journal was started in the Summer of 2018 when I decided to put a two dollar 200 page ledger I had purchased on clearance at Staples to good use. My goal was to create spontaneous journal prompts on Instagram to inspire and encourage journaling of all kinds in the lives of those following me there. Spontaneity and creativity go hand-in-hand in my book so sharing the prompts as I “found” them seemed like a great way to marry the two. Initially the prompts were shared exclusively on Instagram, but for the continuing journey I will share here on the blog. I will also have share some journaling opportunities on Facebook, and You Tube at various times as we go.

Where do you get the prompts? Hey, I am so glad you asked! All of the prompts I share are organically found, cultivated and grown. The prompts come from snippets of magazines, advertising, mail items such as junk mail, newspapers etc. Primarily random words that catch my eye and spark my imagination…which means inspiration is everywhere. Although I may use a found title from a newspaper or snippet form an article, what is shared is the visual of the words with my suggestions for how to approach the prompt as I see it. I then encourage the writer to explore how they see it and offer some alternatives. Ultimately the response is always at the discretion of the person who is responding and they can always choose to respond to the prompt or not.

Is this art journaling? Since the interpretation of the prompt is always dependent on the one who is responding, the response can be expressed however the one responding interprets! So NO, not specifically. And Yes, absolutely. Take the prompts into whatever medium most satisfies your creative soul. As one whose focus is writing, I will always look to get people working primarily with three basic tools: pen, paper and self. My goal is to encourage authentic expression because it empowers people in every aspect of their lives. How that looks on the paper is not for me to judge. However if creating beautiful pages becomes a hinderance for you to connect deeply with what is most precious in your life, then by all means simplify and use only the basic elements of journaling and look to reestablish yourself in reflective, expressive modes of journaling for a season. Honestly, there is no wrong way to journal. BUT, your current needs will dictate what is best for each journal, season and endeavor.

What do I need to participate? Pen, notebook or journal. Keeping it simple will give you both freedom and flexibility to focus on where the prompt leads. Take the pressure off of yourself to perform, or create something, and just see what comes without allowing for perfectionism to rob you of the beautiful simplicity of journaling. Give yourself the gift of listening to you.

How will I get the prompts? I will be sharing them here on the BLOG: Enthusiastically, Dawn and Instagram as thejournalenthusiast and and the Facebook Page : Enthusiastically, Dawn .

What if I miss a prompt? That’s ok, because the idea is there is no pressure to keep up or catch up. Some prompts will surprise you, some prompts will leave you cold. If you miss day, or five, just jump in wherever you are. All published prompts will be posted on this landing page.

Is there a list of prompts? The first 200 prompts list is available (without the alternative prompts suggestions and commentary I wrote on the original Instagram spontaneous post) you can find that list at the link below: Password: enthusiasticallydawn200DJ!Ar557jFLYHgSkbwCGevlx2i5bQvouA?e=DOWq2G

The NEXT 50 Prompts will be shared between October 1st and November 28th. I will be breaking for the season of Advent (which I am looking forward to with great anticipation in light of this year). October 1st begins with Prompt 51 of the second round of 200. The first 50 were shared between March and June and all were shown on Paint Chips. I may continue with the paint chips for the rest of this group of 200…but hey, I might change my mind. You will have to wait and see!


  1. Do you have time for a cup of coffee then join me for this informal 26 minute long video where I chat about all the details prior to beginning the 200 Day Journal adventure (August 2018).
  2. Short on time but still want to see me fumble around with my daughter’s tripod and explain through a series of paint chips? Go to this hot mess but fun video for the details, it’s about 12 minutes long but you will get the picture…no pun intended.

Hashtags and a word about discretion: So generally I used #200DayJournal for the rolling out of the adventure, but since I have noticed an excess of those posts and not sure if all are related to my initiated use I thought we would use #200dj2020 which stands for 200 Day Journal 2020. This will give us a fresh start, as there are over 700 posts on the previous hashtag. I also will add this disclaimer. No one needs to share anything they write ever. Journaling is a gift you give to yourself. Please guard it as feels safe and appropriate to you. That being said, you are welcome to share BUT only as what is safe, appropriate and comfortable. Sometimes our writing may lead us to surprising places we had not anticipated. You can share about what the experience was like from the journaling perspective as opposed to the transparent writing reserved for your eyes only. As always practice discretion.

200 Day Journal Updates and more… this page has some general journaling posts and has been a touchpoint for our journey.

Journaling for Discovery and Delight is the name of the book I have published AND description of my personal vision for journaling. I believe journaling does offer and opportunity for self-discovery, reflection and leaning. I believe it also leads to delight. The 21 prompts I share in this book are reflective of the 200 (plus) prompts manner of writing I have shared for the 200 Day Journal on Instagram, so if you are looking looking for a handy booklet to carry along for your writing or journaling journey you can buy one through Amazon OR I can send a signed one to you ( scroll to bottom of the blog and there is a form to purchase).

If you have any questions, drop a comment and I will be happy to answer…however, I promise – this ain’t hard. You CAN do it. Keep it simple, and enjoy the journey. Grab your journal and pen- or lipstick and napkin…OK, that would be a really challenging journaling medium, but where there is a will, there is a way. I’ll see you out on the path! Let’s do this, AGAIN- and/or FOR THE FIRST TIME!

Enthusiastically, Dawn

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