200 Day Journal Prompt 62

Welcome, Welcome- If you are here for the first time you can check out this post . Thanks for dropping in and for those who have been here faithfully following- I applaud you! Just know that if you are quietly journaling along and getting something out of this, I am thrilled! If you feel inspired to write more and fret less and are less intimidated by the blank page or the lovely soundlessness of stillness and less afraid to be alone with your thoughts then, I am grateful. Remember the prompts list is here if you missed one or just want to revisit an alternative writing opportunity.

Your prompt if you choose to accept it…

Prompt 62: Bullet Journaling

To say that Bullet Journaling is near and dear to my heart is an understatement. My ADHD appreciates the minimalistic and uncluttered potential this style of planning and journaling offers, and I do keep my own version of a Bullet Journal on a regular basis. For me a Bullet Journal is a middle ground between my planner and journal. It offers a place to find the things that would otherwise be swallowed in my voluminous journaling entries. Simultaneously it allows some creative freedom for brainstorming and project planning that sometimes does not fit in well with my dated planner pages. AND yes, I have tried combining all three and it leaves me a bit blurry around the edges. But I appreciate the simple, original method that Ryder Carroll has brilliantly fostered, grown and capitalized on so well. I am not a perfectionist so I am not involved in the Bujo page parade…I do share my imperfect, scribbly pages occasionally anyway. Because someone has to do it to keep things real! Ha!

If you have no idea what gibberish I am speaking, just hang on- you do not have to bullet journal to do this prompt! However, in case you want more information I will happily share some helpful links at the end. If you can hang on to your horses!

Option 1: You are on a quest. The quest is to find the One Book to rule them all. Can you do it? Can you plan, journal, create, brainstorm, and juggle all your projects in Just. One. Book? Journal all your reasons why or why not. Can you find the one planning system, organizer, or planner that will free the hobbits, save middle earth and allow you to live peacefully ever after? Is there such a thing as “planner peace” or will it come only with the Return of the King?

Option 2: “Track the past, order the present and design the future” is the short description of what the Bullet Journal helps people do. As you consider these three concepts, which of these gives you the biggest challenge? Which gets you most hopeful or inspired?

If you feel stuck, try spring boarding off of any of these:

When I think of tracking my past… or, Tracking the past is…

When I consider ordering the present… or, To order my present life seems…

When I imagine the possibility of designing my future… or, Designing my future includes…


Option 3: If you have kept a Bullet Journal, or continue to do so, journal about your journey with it a bit, how you found out about it, or who introduced you to it, what you love about it and what it brings to your life. What unique ways have adapted it to meet your specific needs? If you have kept one and no longer do, write about why you believe it failed to serve your purpose, or expectation. Ask yourself why and how until you are clear.


If you have read Ryder Carrols book “The Bullet Journal Method” journal – challenge yourself to write a book report, review, or summary, revisiting the points, and highlighting your favorite parts or interesting thoughts.

Here is the more information as promised, however YOU SHALL NOT PASS…until you respond to the journaling prompts!

I’ve written about my own journey if you are curious:How The Bullet Journal Method Is Changing The Way I Journal and Plan My Days

Visit the Bullet Journal website for more information.

(This is not a compensated or endorsed post! Just my random meanderings- in case you need to know this information)

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