200 Day Journal Prompt 61/200

Today’s prompt is simple, but potentially profound, depending on where you stand on the scale. Ahem…BUT, where one prompt dwells, a dozen more can be discovered. Prompt 61 of 200 allows you room to breathe, and permission too. If you are new to the journey, just jump in OR START HERE for more info.

Otherwise let’s jump in and JOURNAL!

Prompt 61: Commit to self-care

It’s amazing to me how people can be so neglectful of themselves. I saw this again and again as I worked for over 25 years in the field of fitness. There’s always reasons, all the usual suspects. I’ve seen it in people it in people who you would think should know better, and in people I’ve loved. I’ve observed it in myself at different times, and guilty of it now! It’s a complicated thing this topic of self-care, and commitment to ANYTHING, well hey together- Yowsa- that is like two sticks of dynamite ready to explode. I worked in the gyms and saw the reality for may years, and all the good intentions that faded by March. I’ve seen the treadmills used as a second closet. Vitamins and other supplements at the back of the cupboards expired and long forgotten. Bible reading plans started in January…of 2016, still uncompleted. Oh, and let’s not forget the planners and journals bought with a moment of hopeful inspiration…a momentary purchase that somehow never really got off the counter from the beginning. Change is not so easy to do as it is to say! Oh, don’t we know it!

But, I promise I am not here to rain on your journaling parade, or poo-poo all your hopes and dreams in an innocent little old prompt. Nope, not me, nosireee….but, I am going to give you something to think about, and something you can act on if you like…but mostly, I am going to hopefully get you to put it to paper…and then, you will figure out the rest. I just know it!

To start: Define self-care as you know it. What does self-care mean to YOU. Don’t give me your Doctor’s standards, your mother’s expectations…or anyone else’s. Let’s peel back the layers that matter. YOURS. Try these to start:

When I think of the term “self-care”, I think of…

I have always thought of self-care as…

Self- care is…

Now, put your pen or pencil down (or stop typing).

Look over what you’ve written and ask yourself one of the following questions and journal the response. Just use the one that resonates the most strongly:

Is this an accurate reflection or something rooted in beliefs I hold?

Is this perception practically useful to me or does it hinder progress I sincerely desire?

Is my definition beneficial or detrimental to me?

Lastly- Putting it all together- Journal any or all of these:

  1. Is there one change (not five) I wish I could commit to that I consider to be of vital importance to my health or well being?
  2. How would I like to redefine self-care to better suit into my own thinking?
  3. How might my commitment to self-care be a benefit to others?
  4. Am I willing to commit to the work needed to attain the level of self-care I desire? Why or why not?

Alternatively for those who hate the idea of self-care and or commitment you get to tackle the paint chip prompts!

Summer House- Write about a time you had or stayed in a summer house.

Green Parakeet- Write about a parakeet you once knew, green or otherwise!

Aqua Wish- Make an aqua wish.

That’s all she wrote!

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