200 Day Journal Prompt 54/200

New week, new prompts! Mondays are magical in my opinion. We step into a week of fresh possibilities…the magic in Mondays is exactly the magic of renewal, refreshment and restoration. Last week is history and the new week beckons we step forward in faith. I am for that kind of magic, how about you?

I used to do a weekly post every Monday and share random moments and snippets from my life…it seems so long ago. That was back in my early blogging days. But I digress….

If you are new here – WELCOME! You can find out details of our current adventure HERE . If you are stepping in and have some free time to journal or you want to check any prompts you missed, this is the PAGE to GO for all the prompts as they are published.

Onward to our prompt!

Prompt 54: Remove the daily struggle

Set your timer today for five minutes and take a moment to get still, clear your space and settle down to write with your journal open and pen ready.

Choose the approach to this prompt that best suits you in this moment:

  1. Ask yourself, where is an area I am struggling?
  2. If I could remove one daily struggle from my life today, what would it be?
  3. I am struggling with…
  4. The struggle is real, but…

Write whichever prompt grabs you and go with it for the five minutes. If the timer goes off and you have time to keep at it, keep writing until you feel you have written yourself dry. If you need to stop, set aside your journal and come back to it at a later time and see what solutions or insights present themselves as you read and reflect on what you wrote.

Journaling Tip: Make it a priority to not self-edit. Designate your journaling space is a non-judgment zone.

See you tomorrow for the next prompt! If you have a question, leave it in the comments below, or e-mail at dawn.paoletta@gmail.com!

May your week be magical and your struggles few! Happy Monday!

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