About Enthusiastically, Dawn

My life is an open book. Messy, but definitely open.

Hi, I’m Dawn. I’m passionate about a few things in life. Listening and laughing are two things I enjoy doing most. Spontaneous adventures and informal but authentic conversations are things I delight in. Whether talking about faith or fiction I am one who is still learning and willing to listen to others as they share what matters most to them. It’s hard for me not to get excited when I talk about my passions, especially about faith, inspiration, and truth (also referred to as faith, trust, and pixie dust). The one thing I love more than anything is expressing myself through writing. The second thing is sharing this love with others. I believe writing is a powerful tool for self-expression change, growth, and transformation. If you believe this, or want to believe it…we should connect.

I would love it if you check out my book, or join me for an upcoming creative writing adventure.

If you would like to do a collab – email me and we can discuss possibilities: dawn.paoletta@gmail.com .

What people are saying…

Dawn Paoletta writes as if you are sharing a cup of coffee together, sharing experiences and life. 

Christine Miranda – Owner, Road So Far Leather

Her writing is full of humor, spiritual insight and gritty honesty…”

Susie Klein- Author, Walking Butterfly

Dawn has a way of writing that is refreshing to the soul and makes you feel like she is present with you as you read. 

Jeannie Pallett- Author, Beckoned by the King

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