Weekend Journaling-Prompts 52 and 53/200

Welcome to the 200 Day Journal, weekend edition. Today we have Prompts 52 and 53. If you are just starting the journey, here is a a great place to start: The 200 Day Journal Continues… on Instagram and Beyond . If you prefer to call them Prompts 2 and 3, that’s OK by me- especially if you are just getting started! If you prefer to use no numbers at all, perhaps a dated journal entry might be better for you, allowing you to feel no pressure. Dated entries also allow the freedom to just jump in and do the prompts you feel led to as you go, and freedom is an important characteristic to employ when embarking on any journaling journey. Freedom to choose is the journal keeper’s prerogative, so feel free to employ it, OK?

The prompts will be available on the landing page HERE as they are published.

As always there are journaling options, opportunities and alternatives BUT you are ALWAYS free to respond to the prompts as you wish, however you please!

Prompt 52: Stick A Fork In It

Set a timer for 5 minutes. Write your initial, uncensored first response to this prompt IF you have a gut or knee-jerk reaction or any other physical response to this prompt. Try to let the pen keep writing whatever comes to your mind even if it seems superficial at moments. Keep going and see where it leads. Think of writing through continuously for the first five minutes. If you are still writing when the timer alarms, then continue to write if you have the time. If not, come back to it at a later as you feel led.


Write about a time you FELT done or finished with something, someone, or a season BUT discovered you weren’t, and it turned out to be beneficial in a serendipitous way.


Write about a dish you would love to stick a fork in soon! It can be something unusual, exotic or just a dish you’ve yet to try. Alternatively, describe a memory of a favorite dish you enjoy sharing with others, why and the feelings it arouses. You could journal about a family recipe, or go ahead and create a new one. Either way, you must…stick a fork in it!

Prompt 53: I cherish…

There are a couple of ways to approach this prompt: You can springboard off this prompt as it is in your journal by writing I cherish… and free write what comes to mind in paragraph form. Pretty straightforward. You could turn it into a question, especially if you feel stumped .What do I cherish? Keep asking yourself the same question and see if it leads to an unexpected place.


List makers and Bullet Journal lovers can approach this in list form, putting the I cherish at the top or center of a page and responding with bullets, blurbs and bits that come to mind.

Remember, there’s no wrong response!

I am aiming to get these prompts scheduled ahead for the next week, so I hope this will help accommodate your journaling experience. I appreciate you joining in, and aim to make this user friendly and freely accessible to all who choose to come along!

Thanks for your patience as I find my footing with resuming our journaling journey and also my writing schedule!

Enthusiastically, Dawn

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