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I wrote this poem last Sunday, 5-24-20. Thank you for taking the time to read, comment, like, and share as you feel led.


Today, let’s not talk about
your politics, or my religion.

But let’s instead listen-
not in the way we do when
we’re not listening at all,
filled up to our ears with our
own ideas, and cares.

No, today let’s stop talking for once,
and learn what it is to listen.

Today, I say, let’s pledge our allegiance
to love alone and if love is
our waving flag, the banner flying
over our souls-

maybe we can begin to talk again
about our babies,

find our common ground-
stand on hope, laugh together
remember our joy.

After the Pandemic

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will be long in recovery, because
refused to hold their tongues,

used a worldwide pandemic
to stomp the life out of those
still breathing

with politics, religion, position, on and on and on…
forgetting everything precious,
they could not hold back hidden malice,

which poured forth a continuous venom
day after day in comments and posts- every slanderous
accusation against their fellow man, the lack of love
evident in every communication, hanging in the stratosphere

like the droplets that threaten to annihilate all hope, judgements
thinly disguised as intellect, facts about face masks
which cannot keep back the spread of hate, after all…
only the spread of death, but divided we are in our compassion
for others, when we have been ruled by what is most convenient for us for too long…

defeated, some crouched in corners weeping
for the Christ-less desolate hearts of those
who said, “We believe he lives”, yet still, dragged Him
from the throne, of their own construction, back to Golgotha
and nailed him again and again and again to that cross…

as if the murderous words they spoke towards one another –
deadlier than any global pandemic,
costlier and more contagious than any living virus
did not matter.

Qui Vive

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Can you hear my silent heart this morning, Lord?
I am not angry.
I am not sulking.

I am here among the birds,
awaiting my portion.
They gather twigs, and bits of twine for their nests.

But I have become as one about to take flight
into a great and vast sky,
never to return to my former state.

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