June Journaling Lessons and Random Reflections

While the whole world is busy jumping into life at warp speed, myself reluctantly included…I am checking in the quickest way I know how- right here on the blog. I am not sure the rules of etiquette for post-quarentine behavior, but as one who observes, and silently resists going with the flow, I’m still finding my footing in this strange, new, getting-stranger-all-the-time, world. Since I get by “with a little help from my friends” (from all over the world), I am poppping in with a few things while I take time to do other things, that are taking longer to wrap up. If you happen to be new around here, hang on, it might be a bumpy ride.

For those who have followed my blog for awhile and who may remember my crazy Monday posts, this might be reminiscent of those weekly ramblings. Let’s get this party started.

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A Poet Responds to a Painting



Recently I received some fabulous mail from a Canadian friend. It was chock full of the kind of ephemera we journaling types adore.  Canada is celebrating it’s 150th birthday this year but it seems I get the presents. She included a lovely Starbucks Canadian travel mug I have been toting back and forth on my out and about town excursions. One of the exquisite treasures I received was an artist post card. On it was a painting I felt incredibly drawn to, above the many lovely images sent. As I tipped it (taped it with washi tape) into my journal, I was inspired to write a poem.

Poetry continues to be a powerful pathway for me. I believe it is a pathway for  many things, connection, community, and conversation. Art offers the same  to all in its various forms. There is no limit to where the imagination can lead. I  find inspiration in both artwork and artist, so be sure and check out the artist whose work inspired the poem below:  Shannon Ford. I know you will find her work incredible to  see!

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Seeking God in Scripture with the Thompson Chain-Reference Bible

Thompson Chain-Reference Bible 2021

I was extremely enthusiastic when I was contacted through Bible Gateway as a Blogger Grid member to review one of the newly re-released editions of the Thompson Chain-Reference Bible. Both the solid history of this study Bible and my own memories of using the NIV version as a new believer made me want to jump at the opportunity. So I did!

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A Peek into Pockitudes Journals

In January of this year, I stumbled upon a small three pack of pocket-sized notebooks while in a CVS Pharmacy. I was on a local getaway in our small state (Rhode Island) during the limitations of what will possibly forever be refferred to as simply “The Pandemic”- at least until the next one. Anyhoo….

The small pack itself was on an endcap, and immediatly caught my eye, as I perused for the things I didn’t know I needed, while hubby grabbed whatever we were actually in the store for that night. The name on the cover of the journals definately peaked my interest…what the heck is a Pockitude, I wondered. I, of course began thinking about the possibilities of the colorful, small booklets before me, and decided for about ten dollars, I would take my chances on the tiny treasures and explore them more closely at my leisure once we were back at the hotel, or home.

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Discover Your Journaling Joy in June (Journaling Tracks)

Hello Journaling Friend! Here is YOUR ticket to discovering joy in June. In case you missed the previous posts, I am linking them right at the top here for your convenience. Trust me, I like things to be convenient. Don’t we all…especially lately. Though sometimes I make things more complicated than they need to be…but that’s a whole other story! I hope that’s not what I am doing for you now. Check these posts out, and then read on here.

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