Seeing, Unseen

Seeing, Unseen

For the longest time you were a desert,
dry, desolate, unforgiving…
I wept and cried out for you
but you could not see me, you did not hear me.

Carrying on with those you already knew,
refusing the offerings of those unknown to you,
rejecting gifts which could have satisfied many,
beyond yourselves… still, you would not
accept the presentation, finding offense in small things.

Parched, enslaved, blind you remained…
But God made a way, despite your resistance,
despite your thick-necked ways.

Though I grew weary, He did not.
Though I gave up, He did not.
Though I turned away, He did not.
For He is faithful, and He has loved me unfailingly.

And He has brought you along paths
you did not create but He Himself has forged them-
because you would not see the unseen,
and you needed to be taught
how to love.


May the church repent and return to her first love and Bridegroom. Amen.

This poem is part of the Lent 2020 series.

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