In addition to my book

Journaling for Discovery and Delight,

My writing is included in:

My poem submission for the 9th Anuual Poetry and Art Event 2021: “What Color is Life?” written after the theme of Color in response to the oil portrait by Linda Mallory titled: Reminiscence.
I am honored for the inclusion of my poem “Between Darkness and Light” written after the theme of Transition in response to the photograph of the same name for the Wickford Poetry and Art Event 2020.
The 2017 Poetry and Art Book and event featuring 41 local artists and poets includes my contribution titled, “Remember Me” in response to the piece titled “Echoes of the Past” by Keith Bragg written for the theme of Connections.

The Neighborhood Guild Creative Writer’s Group 

1st Annual Anthology

2nd Annual Anthology

3rd Annual Anthology

 4th Annual Anthology


I have been Interviewed by Author Marja Meijers@ Fresh Insights on Ancient Truths: Blogger Interview Series

Former  monthly contributor @ 5 Minutes for Faith

Also featured at the following: 

Moms in Prayer:  When I am Weak-He is Strong

Trailing After God : I Am That Woman

Laura Rath~Journey of Faith : The Comparison Trap: 3 Ways to Get Free (Comparison Series)

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