200 Day Journal Prompt 51/200

Well, if there is a better prompt for October first, I did not see it! Welcome to our Fall edition of the 200 Day Journal. We are starting off with Prompt 51 of200.

If you are new to this writing and journaling adventure, WELCOME! I gave some background which may help you ease into the mode here: The 200 Day Journal Continues…on Instagram and Beyond. But really, please know that this is a come as you are and jump in anytime adventure.

The prompts will be available on the landing page HERE as they are published.

Today’s Prompt: Assemble an autumnal adventure

The alliteration of this blurb makes me smile. I love alliteration and the way it makes my mouth perform linguistic gymnastics. I am a fan of autumn. Is it the colors, the vibe, the vibrant beauty? Who can say?

But for our first prompt for Fall, I want you to consider all the things of autumn that make you feel something. Perhaps it’s the changing foliage, or the orange of pumpkins, or maybe it’s the smell of apple orchards, or feel of the cooler air against your cheeks. If you can, sit with a view of something Fall in sight. Whatever it is let it have it’s way with you!

Journaling options:

  1. Think of a special outing you have had, recall the details and journal the memory, paying close attention to the details- describe the sights, smells, and sounds that come back, who was there and what you were doing.
  2. Write out an itinerary for a seasonal day adventure, or weekend trip in your area (especially in light of our current Pandemic) in which you incorporate specifically exploring a new place you haven’t been locally but perhaps have been curious about.
  3. Collage a Fall mini-vision board with images of things you want to see or experience this Fall.
  4. Journal Challenge: Write a fictional story related to the season. Have fun making up a ghost story, or spirited short story in your journal. Exercise you imagination muscles! Tell your inner critic he/she is NOT allowed to the party!

Alternatively – springboard off the following from our paint chip and magazine scrap using them any way you like:

  1. Fireplace glow
  2. Before Winter
  3. Colorful leaves
  4. Assemble an autumnal adventure…

That’s it! Remember, allow yourself time to sit with the prompt, and feel free to respond as you feel led! See you tomorrow for the next prompt. We will not have a prompt on Sundays!

Remember, take your thoughts, reflections and memories to your journal pages.

Invite all your journaling friends to join in!

Along the way I will be sharing tips, journals and creative ideas! Thanks for stopping by!

Enthusiastically, Dawn

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