200 Day Journal Prompt 57/200

Hello and WELCOME to the 200 Day Journal- an ongoing journaling journey you can join in at anytime! You can find out details of our current adventure HERE . If you are stepping in and have some free time to journal or you want to check any prompts you missed, this is the PAGE to GO for all the prompts as they are published.


In your journal, ask yourself this question: Is there any area in my life that I feel helpless.? Now this may feel a bit like a loaded question in that many of us are probably dealing with varying levels of helplessness as the world deals with a constantly changing pandemic and an ever changing landscape in response to it. But I can bet there are other areas, just under the surface of this current cultural climate that could surface. So back to your journal and question. Answer the question by allowing yourself to write continuously whatever comes to your mind. Remember, the pen’s continuous movement will help you, so don’t worry if you rewrite the question, or even rephrase it. Try to keep it going until you feel done.

After you have emptied yourself of the areas, things, relationships, situations that reveal themselves. Take a moment to sit and read what you wrote. Take time to notice your breath, your level of comfort, or discomfort, and prepare to redirect your focus to the second part of the prompt… which is to brainstorm ways you can help yourself, others, a circumstance or situation by creating a possibility list or bank to draw from.

Write the words, “Ways I CAN Help” and for each topic or content area you previously journaled, write down possibilities from small to supersize of helpful options to choose. It’s ok to be generous, indulgent, stretched even beyond your capacity, because you are exploring possibilities NOT committing to them. Some might not be appropriate at this time or ever, but your writing in this exploratory way could pave the way to empowerment. Every helpless feeling or thought can lead to an empowering potential action. Sometimes it can be as simple as our power to choose which helps us and helps others!

OR If you have a hard time accepting or receiving help, how about making journaling about that and creating a list of the areas and ways you can take steps toward inviting opportunities for to happen.

There is the possibility for discovery and delight as we choose to journal our journey. Never underestimate the power of the pen!


Lookin for a lighter journaling load? Are you ready? Respond in your journal in anyway you see fit to the song “Help” or “With a Little Help from my Friends” by the Beatles. What comes to mind at the mention of the band, the songs, the history, or your own history with this music/songs? Or the titles or lyrics. It’s all fair game. Whatever comes, write it and see where it takes you as you put pen to paper. Of course you are not limited to pen and paper. Creativity is welcome, however you feel led.

Thanks for joining in, I hope you remember there’s plenty to choose from, turn the prompt inside out, or right side up!

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