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Have you always wanted to write in a journal but lack focus, inspiration, discipline, or motivation?

Do you wish you knew what to write beyond “Dear Diary…?”

Would you like to discover untapped joy and creativity for your daily life?

Dawn Paoletta is passionate about journaling. After an injury temporarily curtailed her career in fitness, she reordered her priorities to focus on her passion for writing, poetry, and prose, through her blog Enthusiastically, Dawn. As a former Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, with over 25 years experience, she is a natural coach and encourager who enjoys sharing life and faith lessons over coffee with friends and strangers, alike.

This self-paced writing journey uses a variety of prompts and journaling techniques to explore and discover the possibilities available with journaling to impact all areas of life. Discover how easy and versatile journal keeping can be. Practice journaling exercises that offer maximum flexibility. Overcome fear of the blank page and track your progress. Enjoy fresh inspiration and insight while stretching your creative capacity.

 “I know journaling and writing can change lives and save lives. It has done so for me.  Martin Luther King Jr.  said,  ‘If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.’  Here’s a place you can begin, or begin again.”

– Enthusiastically, Dawn

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4 thoughts on “Join Me!

  1. I received my copies of your books. I will do a book review of it when I have done the exercises. I would like to inter\view you on the post before I present your book. Please email me with your email address, so I can send you questions for you to answer for your interview.

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  2. Hey sweet friend. I just went and supported you and bought the book. I will be blogging about it once I get it. ekkk so proud of you!


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