I Am

Student, teacher, runaway, dropout, rebel, mother, daughter, disciple, friend, wife, writer, personal trainer, fitness instructor, coach, blogger, poet, power-lifter, bodybuilder, victim, victor…these are some of the roles I’ve lived or am living.

The truth is I’ve been called a lot of names in my life, but the longer I walk this side of eternity, the more I recognize the only name that I’ve been called that matters…that sticks, is summed up in three letters: H-I-S.

I am His.

Really, life is pretty simple minus all the labels. Not one of those above labels or roles reveals who I am better than that one possesive pronoun that reminds me of who I belong to; Because who I belong to feels so much more like who I am, than any lives I’ve ever lived.

I’m a wild daughter of a faithful King, and I’m learning to walk with this One True Living God, one day at a time. By grace through faith.

I ‘m a girl on a journey, and I don’t mind sharing along the way.

Join me?

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Currently enrolled in Compel Training!

May 2021

16 thoughts on “I Am

  1. Dawn, noticed today that you are now following my blog, and I’ve chosen to return that favor and follow yours. You may make a poetry lover out of me yet! I love that you’ve chosen three simple letters to describe who you are: H-I-S! Me too!


  2. Hi, Dawn! I’m Dawn. Just found your blog and looking forward to meeting you. BUT! My laptop is almost out of power and I might be wiped out in mid-sentence. Will check in later. Wow! Thanks for such transparency and encoura… (blink, blink…) Just kidding, following now, and back in after juiced up!


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