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Well, it has been some time since I have posted a Miscellany Monday post. But guess what? You,  lucky little pumpkin lovers, are in for the ADD writers thrill of a lifetime! I exaggerate but still, I write, so deal with it. If you recall those posts from my old blog, they were by far the most popular posts. Excluding guest posts. Which means you really like other people to write on my blog, and/or for me to just randomly share my crazy self in a miscellaneous fashion. It’s OK, I still love you.

The reason I wanted to reach out and communicate straight away is I have a couple of announcements to make and I know this next month is going to have my head spinning! So welcome, grab your coffee, tea, or cider and let’s catch up!

What is Miscellany Monday? Well, it is where I used to share randoms, snippets and snapshots from MY  life on and offline each Monday.  It was initially a blog hop started by sweet Carissa of Lowercase Letters that I used to participate in as a new blogger.  Now, I share more on Instagram picture wise and she is busy with her own picturesque pursuits!  Since, I live in one of the most beautiful places to live (or visit)  in Rhode Island, or New England for that matter, sharing local coastal pics is a daily joy. However there are only so many hours in a day, and so many social media platforms to fritter away time. Alas, it is all a chasing of the wind…

The “50 rocks” I collected on my birthday beach walk.

As I write this tonight (Sunday), I am still celebrating my 50th birthday (Started August 24th, 2014) …well in my perception of reality…ahem. Pretty sure everyone else is all set with that perception but I never let that stop me!  I ended up really sick the past month with Bronchitis and am actually just now on the mend, so HEADS UP- I still have a second patch of PRAISE CARDS to send out to some of you! I know, I apologize it has been on the To Do list too long, and I am so sorry for the delay…BUT hey, it’s still celebration time in my book, besides snail mail late is better than two birds in the bush, right? Um. OK. Good, let’s move right along.


Life is short. Eat cake. Or chocolate. Or whatever floats your boat. Here I am with a delightful offering from The Coast Guard House, in Narragansett. The best place to celebrate just about anything…on the scenic, rocky coast of RI!

During the month of October I will be participating for the third year (with over 1200 other bloggers)  in The Nester’s  31 Day Challenge to write on ONE topic for 31 Days straight. If you blog and have not done this before, I encourage you to do it. You will rise up and fly to new heights as you write your heart out , whatever is bursting from within you- in this season! There’s still time. 

As for me and my Blog Space…join me for a peek into the realm of Planner Love and Life. I will share my love for all things Planner related for this next series:


Planning with Purpose: 31 Days of Planner Tips, Resources, Quotes, Inspiration and more! 

Now for my other REALLY, BIG, EXCITING NEWS…

creative writers group

Despite the many challenges 2014 has presented for my family and myself, there have also been many blessings. I have found they usually come in the form of people. Regular folks that you happen upon, and find yourself with per chance, only to realize that maybe it’s not so much chance, as some wonderfully ordained surprise gift you end up cherishing. I am honored to be featured in the company of such a fine group of writers, who I honestly am ever so humbled to be a part of, but at the same time also, so graciously blessed. This anthology holds 10 offerings I have written, but believe me, the rich diverse writing found here will be sure to move you. The Neighborhood Guild Writer’s Group has been around for more than 20 years and draws from a rich, eclectic and wildly expressive group of authors, writers and storytellers from all walks of life. Can I say, I am a bit excited to be published this year, right here in this beautiful offering with this particular group? I look forward to sharing more about my Writer’s Group and how it has shaped and changed my writing experience, later this Fall. In the meantime, please feel free to jump up and down with me and scream! Yipeee! Finally 50 and PUBLISHED! Thanks to our lovely leader Linda and our current Girl of All Work, Myrena for making this possible.

By all means, check it out , HERE!

Buy it, enjoy it, let me know what you think, and we would be oh, so grateful if you would WRITE A REVIEW!

Dance in the streets! Celebrate with me. I will be giving away a copy in an  upcoming post (next month).

*Now if you are still looking for something to read, join me as I share at 5 Minutes for Faith a post about my domestically challenged life as a Proverbs 31 Woman (NOT) wanna be. The title: The Me I Long To Be (Ironing Not Required) – click either link to get there.

photo credit: clotho98 via photopin cc
The Me I Long To Be (Ironing Not Required)


Lastly, Thank you for all for joining me in the journey! I am thankful for each of you!

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