Dear Summer, It’s Been Nice but…

Salty Brine Beach, Rhode Island
Salty Brine Beach, Rhode Island

Dear Summer,

It’s been nice having you here,  but I think it’s time we had a chat. You have been amazing, and I appreciate you making sure that our little tourist town made some money this season. Not that we are in need, but let’s just say a “green” Summer makes for pleasant Townies. This humidity thing, though…I never have liked. I like it less now that I am almost one year over the half century mark. However the garden is appreciating it, and I the succulent Tomatoes it generously offers.

Shall I pour you an Iced coffee, or hot? Not sure how you do the ice-cube thing.

Anyway…It’s great that with you we freely enjoy the treats of the season: Del’s Lemonade, Brickley’s Ice Cream and heavenly Gelato at Nana’s. Beach strolls- and hey the nights have been fabulous. You wowed us with Jupiter and Venus sightings on clear, starry nights. The Perseid Meteor showers with my daughter from Point Judith were the bomb! Yeah, you have certainly brought it this year.

Block Island in July with a perfect sunset on the Ferry ride home- killer!  Getting off the ferry and heading right to my favorite place for “Chowda”- New England, of course- the minute I set foot on the island was divine. Yum and Me. The water at Ballard’s Beach was gorgeous- you heated it up enough to let us jump right in, but kept it refreshing. Hey, thanks for that. The beach, shops and dinner at the Harbor Grill made our visit complete. Well, what can I say, but thanks?

Here in Narragansett we have enjoyed the sun and surf continuously. Trio served up our fabulous Anniversary Dinner this year on 4th of July weekend. We enjoyed an amazing shrimp cocktail while sipping champagne at the bar, toasting our love. Unfortunately we had an exceptionally long wait due to an oversight on the host’s part which made us miss the fireworks. Despite that, the food and service was exceptional. To their credit, we received a very sincere apology for the oversight with drinks or desert (our choice) on the house.

There are a few more things I plan to squeeze in, such as the Cliffwalk in Newport and clam cakes and chowder- or maybe a Lobsta Roll (actually I prefer my lobster straight up with lots of butter, hold the Roll) at Monahans before well…you know-YOUR end of season and all. But…this is where I need to fess up.

It’s not that you are not welcome, and that I haven’t enjoyed our time together. I have, but pulling out of my driveway is like trying to get into the Indy 500 on these beachy days, which makes me say a few things that should not be said. Not to mention the entering and exiting the rotary a laughable proposition. Which usually has me saying more words that should not be said…that end with the word “…tourists!”

Well,  I hope you are not offended- I’m  not trying to be pushy, but let’s be honest- it’s hot and humid. You know how I feel about that. The air conditioner is working overtime, and it could be my hormones as well, but just sayin’, you know how I love a good chill. And three feet of snow. Oh, and let’s keep that between us, shall we? People get all crazy when I say the “S” word. Especially when it’s still August.

Anyway, other than that- I’m looking forward to the my birthday dinner; last year it was at The Coast Guard House. I’m not sure what I will be doing for my post 50 celebration, it’s rather anticlimactic after last year’s milestone.

My favorite celebration (no offense) will be the Summer’s End Festival. After which, my friend, I hope to bid you sweet farewell. By the way, I am glad you still Visit RI…after all, we couldn’t do it without you!

Until Next Year-

Enthusiastically, Dawn

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Dawn Paoletta is a life enthusiast who loves to juggle words, chug coffee, and journal excessively. You can find her gathering stones on the beach most mornings. She enjoys hanging out with her hubby, daughter and family pets in Narragansett, RI and shares her passion, poetry and prose @Enthusiastically, Dawn.

20 thoughts on “Dear Summer, It’s Been Nice but…

  1. LOVE this, Dawn! That’s why we stay away from the Jersey shore. When you hit Newport, go to Buskers–awesome authentic Irish Pub with terrific atmosphere, service, and food. Had a great time connecting today–we’ll do it again, soon!


  2. Although I am enjoying New Bern, NC, this makes me so homesick for South County! Very nicely done, as usual,my dear Dawn.

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  3. Oh, Dawn! Your digs look so fabulous! Watch out! I might become one of your #!!@#$! tourists. Thoughts: 1. !, too, LOVE snow, but here in southern Missouri we don’t get enough. (ice, frequently.) 2. I did my half-century 6 years ago, still have a few sweaty times, but celebrated with a free float balloon ride; enjoy it!! 3. Love your idea of the links to other parts of your area, and 4. I’m from Indy and grew up with the “greatest spectacle in racing”, so I appreciate the reference! God bless, and enjoy your autumn; I hear it can be beautiful in the northeast.

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  4. Dear Dawn, I live in Alabama. Central Alabama, it is very hot here, like 98 degrees with a heat index of 105. Your part of the world sounds wonderful. I love your descriptions of glorious summer. We go from winter in February, March to cool weather in April to super hot May through November. Thanks for a lovely mini vacay.


  5. Yes, I get crazy over the S word! Hate, hate, hate driving in it even though it’s lovely to watch. Not quite ready for the fluffy stuff, but I’m with you on turning down the humidity. Cut that and I’ll put up with the heat til my favorite months of September/October when jeans and sweatshirt are my garb of choice 🙂 Sounds like you’re having an amazing summer – enjoy!!


  6. Dawn: Please remember that those tourists that you sometimes badmouth provide the capital for your local eateries to stay in business. We live in an economically depressed area that has been in that state for almost ten years. Otherwise, I enjoyed reading about your area,


    1. Cecelia, it was a joke. RI drivers are as bad as any tourist…in most cases worse. We appreciate that we live in a beautiful place and have businesses people want to visit. We also can laugh at ourselves and others without getting offended. See “Welcome to the Beach” on main page which states: “Sometimes I make inappropriate jokes at really awkward moments. Get used to that if you want to spend some time here. But, I laugh hardest at myself, so honestly, no offense intended.”


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