The Me I Long To Be (Ironing Not Required) @5MFF

photo credit: clotho98 via photopin cc
photo credit: clotho98 via photopin cc


I have a confession I would like to share with you today. I have a hard time with the domestic side of life my life. OK, I’ll just say it. I really Stink, with a capital S at the whole domestic side of life. I am convinced my mother has a gene that just did not get passed down to me. It’s the one that rejoices in ironing. I am not joking. The woman finds ironing therapeutic. Meanwhile my husband knows that asking me to iron would require us both to be in therapy. OK, that is a bit dramatic but you get the point…


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  1. Aw, thanks…truly it is a near and dear to my heart kind of write. I am grateful God has allowed me the ability to see myself now with eyes of grace, and also humor. I know He does. ANd thankfully he does not demand …ironing.


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