On Writing…and Squirrels

Recently, I was asked to join in a Writers’  Blog Hop and answer four specific questions about my writing and then introduce and invite three others to join along. Sounds easy, right? But the reality is, there are just way too many squirrels around these days….at least from where I’m standing.

When Deb Wolf, of Counting My Blessings asked me to join in on a writer’s blog hop, I thought it would be super easy and fun. But honestly, everyone I know lately is on a kind of Summer Sabbatical from Social Media, Blogging, Potato Chips. Pork…you name it.
It’s like there is a cyberspace epidemic of Mono. Myself included. Some of us are just trying to balance life on and off the internet more intentionally, others are just dealing with various life circumstances and are unavailable to “party all the time” here in the Blogosphere. I get it, believe me. I’m feeling it, writing about it and sharing it. Between internet breaks, of course.
After my own initial excitement, I realized I actually had to write a post about these questions. Pardon my deer in the headlights expression…(oh, literally and figuratively. Thank you!)
You see my goal …my one BIG goal, OK, after winning the Olympics for running (I’m not even a good runner) and also after having won the Kentucky Derby as a jockey on a winning horse (I  dreadfully hit 5′ 4″ by 12 crushing this hope, not to mention I have never ridden), and after submerging myself in a Shark Cage then  becoming  Ms. Olympia and making Physical Education a 5 day a week requirement in Public Schools, while securing world peace…INHALE-  is all I ever wanted to do…was to write a book. The book. My book. Except…there’s like, triplets in me. Maybe more. Possibly a community…a whole library. Yet,  they won’t cooperate, birth and publish themselves. My goal was to publish by the time I was 40. Guess who’s turning 50 next month?
But, I digress…
Stay with me, now and I will share with you briefly (Lord, have mercy) the answers to the questions.
Writing and Blogging friends, I challenge and invite you to ponder and share your own answers.
Q – What am I writing or working on?
A- Never a day goes by where I don’t scribble out words on paper. I journal, plan, blog. I write poetry or as I say, spill words out of me, and unborn posts remain  in my journal for the right time.
I’ve got a couple of blog projects in the works that will bless my regular readers. I can’t share now, but so look forward to sharing in time.
This year, I have been meeting up with a local diverse group of writers. We are in the process of publishing. So this year for my 5oth Birthday, I will be published! Yay! Better late than never.  I do have a couple of works in progress, but honestly friends, I feel God is redirecting my writing and that leaves me in a bit of a transition.
For me now, it is about redirecting and balancing my writing time. I need to do the work of a writer which is really, to write, rewrite, edit and write some more.
Meanwhile, I will continue to share monthly at 5 Minutes for Faith and continue sharing right here at Enthusiastically, Dawn.
Q – How does my work differ from others of its genre?
A- I’ve lived more than half of my adult life as an unbeliever. I can only say that I resented that for a long time. I am only just now beginning to understand the beauty and wisdom potentially within what I have always perceived to be a colossal waste of my life and time on earth. God wastes nothing. Especially pain. I’ve lived a messy complicated, rebellious life, and I was a kicking and screaming disciple. Or maybe just the girl least likely to…brought up and raised wildly liberal, independent and nonreligious. The fact is, I know who I am in Christ, and I know who I am apart from Him. I tend to be a little rough around the edges. But tender, too.
You know God just speaks to me, through me…and I share that. There are times I write with tears dropping onto the keys as I do. There are times I am giggling. There are times I share things that I feel He really wants me to share, even though, I’d rather not. I share His heart in me, and maybe that’s not so unique in that others share His heart in them…but after all there’s only one me.
And only one you,
and so on,
and so on.
I’m a girl on a journey of transformation…and I am willing to share. For better and worse.
Q – Why do I write what I write?
A- It’s complicated. God, me and stuff. I write because I believe God has in His infinite wisdom allowed me this affinity for words, and Him. I believe that He has called me to share what He reveals to me, a common, everyday girl, living before Him. Somehow, this is a calling. To live brave and crazy, real- and flawed, before a Holy God and an unholy people…and in this I know He speaks through me and to me, and it is mind-boggling. I don’t understand it, is all I do is walk in it. Oh, and share it. Because in the words He gives, there IS hope. He reveals Himself in the words He gives me. I am surprised daily by His revelations! Sharing them…is just frosting.
That others taste and see, now that is really delicious!
Q – How does my writing process work?
A- This is the Squirrel factor! I wrote a poem this year titled “The Distracted Writer”. Need I say more? I do get thoughts and ideas that just pop in my head. Like squirrels, they pop up, and I try to capture them in my journal. This is why I always carry a journal!
But usually, my writing process, most often stems from the time I am sitting having quiet time. My quiet times are probably not the way you might think, but they usually include journal, pen and reflection. My writing usually just is an outflow of what I have been sharing with the Lord, and He with me. I often write poetry, or quickly try to record the insights and impressions I feel have been communicated.
Most of my writing is journaled first. I have blog posts, poems, articles, bits of themes for broader perspectives, plans, ideas for writing. I tend to scribble ideas and thoughts on paper before I type.
Don’t get me wrong, my head is like a Disney theme park at times, I also get ideas for writing in the shower, while driving, in bed. There is nothing more annoying than having a poem that comes to you while you are driving or in the shower…and sensing it slip away.
But there’s always more where that came from…He is the source of all creativity!


Now to introduce you to a few Bloggers I adore!

1. Miss Kathy of The Writer’s Reverie– When I first started blogging I came across The Writer’s Reverie, and fell in love with all that Miss Kathy shared at her beautiful blog. She would share elaborate tea set ups, with historical and literary themes. Also she shared wonderful educational yet entertaining posts. I loved the visual and intellectual feast I would partake whenever visiting  her place!  Miss Kathy, is a writer, dramatist, storyteller, journal keeper and all round creative. Please go visit her and see her amazing plethora of inspiration there. You will want to visit regularly!

2. Joy Lenton of Poetry Joy– Joy and I are fairly new friends, but I believe we are absolutely kindred souls! Joy shares poetry and prose as she lives joyfully despite chronic illness. I appreciate her sensitivity to God’s Spirit as He flows through her pen and onto the blog. Sharing her love for God, with the reality of ongoing pain, Joy reflects empathy, balance and wisdom in her outlook. If you are looking for a place to gain strength for the journey as an overcomer, visit her!

3. Ramona  of Create with Joy– One of the places I hang out most is at Ramona’s place. I have a special place in my heart for her “boys”, the three Maine Coon Cats who regularly appear in pictures at her site, especially on Wednesdays for Wordless Wednesday. Three days a week there are opportunities to link up a post and explore some of the best in creativity from around the globe! Ramona also regularly writes and features great book reviews, and other interesting tid-bits I enjoy. I sometimes think this amazing blogging friend does not sleep, as her blog is a continual source of new and interesting posts!


I hope you will take the time to answer  the questions yourself, and also visit the ladies above. Thanks, Deb for inviting me!


Sharing with Lyli @ 3D Lessons for Life and  Thought Provoking Thursday, Ramona @ Create with Joy for Friendship Friday

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12 thoughts on “On Writing…and Squirrels

  1. Oh Dawn, I love your sense of humor. I would just love to spend an afternoon sitting with you at the shore laughing over life and the blessing of God’s grace in our struggle and pain. You bless me. Praying He continues to cover you with abundant blessings and joy!


  2. Dawn, this is lovely. Rich, real and funny. You have a great sense of humour and sensitivity combined. It’s rare to find a soul so open and sharing yet so upbeat too. Sometimes our dark exploits and thoughts drip their way disconsolately onto the page and need a breath of Holy Spirit air to enliven them. This is what you exude. No matter the topic, there is a deep reflectivity and hint of a carefree chuckle in the background.
    It isn’t that you don’t take your faith seriously. On the contrary, you are enthusiastic and earnest about it. But your deftness of touch reveals you don’t take yourself too seriously.. in a good and freeing way. God speaks to you and through you and you rest in knowing it is up to Him to sow seeds and produce the harvest. Your enjoyment of life and zest for your faith are catching and I rarely leave this page without a smile of gratitude at least!
    Thanks very much for the unexpected bonus of being included in your group of profiled writer friends. An honour, to be sure! May you continue to pour out your heart here and write out the book(s) that are in the pangs of being birthed in you. God bless you, friend, as you bless me. 🙂 xx
    PS:I love seeing your poetry too and hope you’ll think of sharing that more widely.


    1. Joy, thank you so much. Your words and sensitivity to God remind me to rest, trust and walk faithfully. You challenge and uplift me, and I am grateful for our connecting in the world of writing, blogging and faith. His Love is not bound…praising the One who rules the World- Online and Off!


  3. Your post has been shared by many today so I had to come by and take a look. I know I’ve been by before but thinking I need to visit you more often. 🙂 I love the way you write. Like Joy said, “rich, real and funny.” It’s refreshing. And what stood out for me the most was your comment on being a non-believer for half of your life. Me too! I’m 45 (as of yesterday!) and accepted Christ only 4 years ago. I really connected with what you shared on that point.
    Nice to meet you … even if I’ve been here before. 🙂 Love this blog hop thingy. It’s wonderful getting to know other writers better.


    1. Oh! Maybe I should stop sharing so much, lol! That was all me. 😉 Beth, thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment! Welcome, Sista! So technically you are my “little sister”…in the faith and chronologically…aw. Nice to meet you, too! I will swing by and look forward to connecting in the days ahead!


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