Happy Thanksgiving and a Special “Planner” Giveaway!



Happy Thanksgiving, Friends to all who celebrate and for those who don’t, I send wishes for a blessed upcoming Holiday season as we say goodbye to 2014. I especially am here today to share with you a special belated Giveaway. What better way for me to say thank YOU for joining me on this journey here the past year. As many of you know I had planned a couple of things that got “bumped” off my To Do list due to the  car accident I was in on October 31. That night did not turn out as I planned at all, and the Giveaway that I planned to share on that Friday as well as the follow-up plans for Planner Boot-camp fell to the bottom of the To Do list…

But, I am excited to say, that today, I am hoping to send a Custom Disc-bound Starter Planner (including December 2014- June 2015 Academic Arc Dated Pages) that I will create and set up for one lucky winner. I so enjoy the disc-bound system and creating these Planner/Notebooks for friends and family, and I hope that one of you will enjoy receiving your own. There is maximum versatility, and you will have a great start (I promise to include fun and favorite things within) to the season, or new year in customizing your own disc-bound notebook. You can use it as your main planner, or as any number of themed ideas you can come up with! I have done a number of videos on themed Disc-bound Notebooks on You Tube.

If you missed the Planning with Purpose series in October, you can catch up on all the posts HERE.

Stay tuned for many inspiring things to come in the days ahead! Random Journal Day is next Friday (December 5th). Drop in and check out our Featured Journal Keeper, Recovering Church Lady-Susie Klein, and join in our community of Journal Keepers! I will also be giving a copy away of the book in which I have been published this year in an upcoming series for for Writers.

Also upcoming: Review of The Success Choice Woman’s Planner and Journal; Planner Boot-Camp; 21 Days of Journaling in January and more!

For a chance to win the Custom designed Planner/Notebook you need to enter through the Rafflecopter below. I am making this easy peasy, and am creating something special and unique for the winner. Please enter only if you think you can appreciate Homemade things. I will be posting the completed Planner/Notebook pictures. Contest closes at 12:00 Am on Sunday.

*This Rafflecopter has one mandatory entry and one free entry for a total of two entries per person. You are welcome to share this POST but it does not gain extra entries. Thanks, Friends. 

11/29/14 update-Here it is:


a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  1. Hello Dawn –
    Just wanted to mention that when I tried to enter the Rafflecopter logging in with my email, it gave me the following error
    “Error: Couldn’t get a share link for you.”
    Just thought I’d mention it so others wouldn’t be hindered. 🙂

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  2. Hi Dawn!!,

    I tried to enter the Rafflecopter and could only answer two of the questions. Then I couldn’t share either. Just wanted to let you know. And thank you for the chance!


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    1. I only have two questions. One is mandatory, the other can just be entered in the comment. Not sure why not able to share. Possibly sharing the post instead of Rafflecopter is better? Thanks for letting me know. I will pop on and see what I can do, check back later- you should be able to have two entries…and whatever RC does automatically I guess. CHecking.


    1. To enter there is one mandatory question, and one freebie for a total of 2 entries per person. Feel free to share from the post itself, not Rafflecopter. There is no extra entry for sharing. Thanks for letting me know.


  3. Just love how wonderfully random you are. A great inspiration to all of us English Arc Addicts. Kindest and craziest regards Lisa :@)

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