Discover Your Journaling Joy in June

For June I’ve decided to devote some time and energy to supporting the journaling journey of those who are looking for some encouragement or inspiration in the realm of the written word- as well as the creative and collaged word. If you are looking for a short enjoyable journaling jaunt to reignite, refresh, reinvigerate or revive your journaling paractice or if you are looking to try something new for the first time, let’s talk! Your journal is the perfect sidekick for everyday explorations of every imaginable excursion!

If you think you would like to jumpstart your journaling practice but have no idea where to begin, this 3-week challenge is for you!

If you have a million ideas for journaling but are completely overwhelmed with which one to choose, start here! This 3-week challenge is for you.

If you already journal regularly, and have a set journaling practice, hold onto your hat (and pen) I’ve got you covered! This 3-week journaling challenge is for you!

If you are a …shhhh…”closet” writer, who never speaks of what is written behind closed doors and would never admit to…”journaling”…oh, yeah-I see you. This 3-week challenge is coming for you!

For those who have participated in Planner Boot Camp, 21 Days of Journaling in June, July, January AND best of all with Jesus, YOU will love this. I am here for you, and we are doing this … together.

If you are visiting this blog place for the first time, WELCOME! I hope you will join this next adventure, I am hosting: Discovering Your Journaling Joy in June. Meanwhile briefly, I am passionate about journaling. After a having shared a number of journaling journeys, just like the one we are starting in June, I went ahead and wrote a book to help others discover the joy of journaling for themselves. It’s short, sweet and you can use the 21 prompts there repeatedly. You can find me leading short journaling videos of these prompts in the group at my page- head over there, like my page and join the group. It will be helpful if you like to be led in a prompt a bit or would like a journaling partner via video. I may do another round soon. Perhaps you can put this information in your back pocket for now and let’s saddle up together for the ride before us, shall we?

Let’s Discuss Details

  1. You choose your challenge: This is why it’s right for everyone. You choose the tarck that you will commit to travel for 21 days beginning June 6th, ending June 26th.
  2. You choose your track. There will be 7 Tracks in total. The tracks just allow for a specific area to focus your journaling and help make it easier to have success in that chosen track.
  3. You choose your timeline. The specifics of when and for how long will be yours. The perimeters of the challenge allow for a start and an end, however the details of your journaling journey will ultimately be specific and unique to you.
  4. You define your success. What will make the 21 days helpful, memorable and useful to you will come in what you deem important.
  5. You choose how you will celebrate. At the end of the challenge you are free to celebrate in the way that seems appropropriate based on your definition of success and what you decide is good reward. Whether it’s a new pen, journal, a book on a topic you explored or the simple satisfaction of having completed the challenge, this journaling adventure will set you in a fine place for Summer’s next steps. Certificates of Completion will be available for all who fullfill their committment to the challenge (if desired)!
  6. Social Media- I’ll be using and asking you to use #thejournalenthusiastjune21jc to help spread the news, and to invite others who might be up for the challenge. Ive already used it once to make it easy, it should come right up on Instagram.
  7. Although this is still a difficult time in many ways for me and we are still processing our grief journey here at home, this venture will allow me to remember who I am beyond grief, loss and pain. I am so grateful to have something to offer others as I go…and I am planning on participating in a TRACK, also! That’s what got me started. Together IS better!

So, here is the only question you need to answer today…are you ready to discover, or rediscover your journaling joy in June?

MORE DETAILS…to come. Sign up, stay tuned, pay attention! 😉 I will announce tracks and all in a post to come sometime before June 1st so you have time to ponder the track and which will best serve you in your current season.

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For my subscribers: I am overdue for a newletter, but will do my best to get to it. Thanks for being here. I am grateful for the many who have reached out in many ways these past months with encouragement, prayers, thoughts. To you I say this: It’s hard. I am here. God is faithful. Thank you.

Any questions? Direct them below and I will get back to you ASAP!

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Dawn Paoletta is the author of Journaling for Discovery and Delight. Her writing is included in several anthologies and her poems have been included in the Wickford Poetry and Art Exhibit and Books. Dawn is currently working on her next book. Inquiries at

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