Discover Your Journaling Joy in June (Journaling Tracks)

Hello Journaling Friend! Here is YOUR ticket to discovering joy in June. In case you missed the previous posts, I am linking them right at the top here for your convenience. Trust me, I like things to be convenient. Don’t we all…especially lately. Though sometimes I make things more complicated than they need to be…but that’s a whole other story! I hope that’s not what I am doing for you now. Check these posts out, and then read on here.

Are you ready to discover your journaling joy in June?

First rule: Don’t make a joyful endeavor a burdnesome task! That is the way to alleviate all chances for joy on your journey. So the first rule is to RELAX and enjoy the experience as it unfolds. Don’t turn a journal into a taskmaster. Or a JOYful journey into a joysucking pool of quicksand!

Second rule: In order to arrive somewhere, one must choose a destination. For our excursion we will choose a Journaling Track. The Journaling Tracks will give you a place to start AND finish based on what you discovered was your greatest need right now. In yesterday’s post (you can read that HERE) I mentioned to ask what you need in your NOW. This hopefully will help you in choosing your best Journaling Track for the next three weeks.

Another way to look at this journey is to think about it as a “dipping your toes in the water” opportunity that will allow you to determine whether or not you want to jump in the lake and swim, or just wade a bit and move on. It’s a chance to dabble, explore, entertain, and refresh your creative self through journaling. Your journal is the lake and and Journaling Track is what will get you to the water. Now…after that it’s up to you. BUT, follow the guidelines, from the previous post and I think you’ll discover that the water is fine and the swimming divine. (Yup, I went there)

Choosing your Journal One gentle suggestion I want to offer is that you use something you have on hand. Avoid looking for the “perfect” book for this journey. Let it become what it needs to be and see how much satisfaction comes from using what you already have on hand. ALSO, perhaps there is a specific journal you have on hand already? We’ve got a TRACK for that! Hang on…

Choosing Your Challenge Here is where the fun begins. Assuming you have done your homework. You are well on your way to knowing what Journaling Track will be best for you NOW. Browse and choose a Track.

Journaling Tracks

Track One: Daily Drop – Drop one sentence or paragraph into a small planner, calendar or notebook daily. Prompt suggestions: What made this day unique? What’s the ONE thing I want to remember about today? What was one specific memory I want to condense and record.

Track Two: Gratitude – As simple as jotting down 1-3 things you are grateful for. You can do this daily or weekly. Remember, you are in charge of the practice! You pick the number or opt out of numbering.

Track Three: “What I Did On My Summer Vacation“- Remember how the start of the school year always started with this bogus writing exercise? Well, here’s your chance to dream it, do it, and tell the story, as you go. Have fun with this Track, and allow yourself to revisit the joyful memories of Summer’s past. See if you can reconnect with that kid you wre…that kid within who might be itching to come out and tell you a few things about having fun in the Summer. Let that child be your muse and writing partner. Or take this Track anyway that seems appropriate, or inappropriate to you, as the case may be.

Track Four: I Spy… – This is a great track for those who are naturally inquisitive. If you love to observe, explore and ask the question “why?” to infinity and beyond, this might be a good fit for you. Also a good Track for those who have been journaling and tend to write the same things all the time. This is a great shaker upper. Your mission, if you choose to accept it is to spy out prompts in your environment. Suggestion: Open a “junk draw” and explore the contents. Choose one item that prompts a memory, thought, question. OR look around where you are, vary your journaling locations if possible. Ourside, at a coffee shop, at a park. Look around, spy out a prompt by keen observation. What are you drawn to? What questions arise naturally as you observe others, as you listen to the sounds around you? This practice is for the mind that is always curious, or wants to be.

Track Five: What I’m Thinking/What I’m Learning – This Track promises to help you stay in the present moment, by allowing you to check in with yourself in your practice. Choose Thinking or Learning for the focus. BUT if you prefer you can go through the three weeksalternating between the two as you go. It might help to set a timer for ten minutes to start if you feel you need a boundary. If the timer goes off and you want to keep going you can, but if not it gives you a time to stop. A timer can be a great way for you to dedicate a specific time to write with an end in sight. You can follow up with a two minute reflection on how you feel your journal session went. This is a great way to journal for those who want to pracrtice being more reflective, but also are slightly terrified of the idea. Start by writing your entry ” What am I thinking? OR I am thinking about… or try variations: “What I really mean to say is… ” if you get stuck, try coming back to “What I really want to say is…”. Alternatively you can focus on Learning. What did I learn today? What am I learning as I go through this season? What is ONE thing I learned today? What am I leaning about that ignites interest in me to want to know more? Let the theme of Learning lead these entries and track. Lately I am learning about … OR I find myself wanting to know more about…

Track Six: Wordless-Creatively journal without words. How? Well that’s on you, friend! Do you use paint? Pictures? Collage? Sketches? How can you journal in a way that speaks for you without using words. How can you tell your story wordlessly? What will you say? What will you say without saying it? You know the challenge of any good writer, is to SHOW not TELL. Well this Track is literally about the showing and not telling. NOT ONE WORD will you use if you venture onto this Journaling Track! A great challenge for the wordier of us.

Track 7: You Pick Two-This is for the crazy people who are just a tad quirky – you know who you are and YES, you are my people. The people who like to do matchy , matchy. People who have to color a little beyond the lines. The people who don’t want soup or a sandwhich BUT both. AND thank you Panera Bread for laying out the ultimate have your cake and eat it too, for those us who like this AND that. NOT just this OR that BUT a little of this and a little of that. OK, so this TRACK is for YOU if you want to pick TWO of the above journaling practices for three weeks. OR PICK to focus on choosing TWO things to integrate into your journaling practice such as: a candle, and a specific spot to journal in exclusively. Or journal in two new journaling spots a week for the three weeks. OR pick a pen and journal that match- for instance a red journal and red pen exclusively. I once had a journal and matching mug from Starbucks. This made me incredibly happy! How about TWO things you can commit to for the duration…maybe it’s two topics. For instance, you could journal about two topics that interest you which you want to explore. You could keep two journals- one for each topic. Or just use one journal for both. Pick you This and That and I would love to see how you make this track work for you!

TRACK 8: USE IT OR LOSE IT- This Track is for your neglected, forgotten already purchased but unused journal or notebook. The market is flooded with so many at this point. Some are Guided, some beautifully blank. Chances are you bought one, and it seemed wonderful…so wonderful you had to have it. BUT then things got busy, covid happened, life happened, the closet ate your planner…whatever your reason, I know it’s a good one. But, you have that new journal just wanting to be loved. So, here’s your sign! USE THAT JOURNAL. OR you have a beautiful blank book. It was a gift, or it’s just TOO perfect to touch- you can’t possibly write in it and mess it all up. OH, YES YOU CAN. AND you MUST. If you are taking this Track to your journaling destination you will fill that perfectly beautiful journal with whatever imperfectly wonderful thoughts, scribbles and scraps you want. You have permission, I herby declare you free from the nasty trap of PERFECTIONISM. Go rip out a page and spill a bit of coffee on that book. Trust me. It will be OK. Honest engine.

Well, that is all. Journalers, start your engines! I mean, dip your pens…nimble your fingers! Warm – up with describing your journaling destination. What will make this a beautiful journey for you? Give yourself the gift of journaling through three weeks of your chosen Journaling Track. Keep it real for you. Enjoy the process.

I would love for you to complete this journey. I will be sharing more about my own Track as we go. Really there are no hard and fast rules, but to find the joy in your journaling practice. I hope I can help you do that. I hope we can encourage each other all of us to do that.

I have some great journaling tools and products to share and I have a giveaway for those who may be interested. I decided to use jotform for registration, for those who want to have a chance in the giveaway, and for the possibility of Happy Mail – I would love to mail out Certificates of Completion for those who may want them.I will determine if this is reasonable at the end of our journey. There will be a digital Certificate of Completion I can e-mail either way. Please know that only those who fully register will be included in the giveaway opportunity. You are absolutely free to participate in the journaling challenge regardless. BUT if you want a certificate I need at least e-mail. Please do whatever you feel comfortable with.

ADDITIONALLY, there is a section where you can ask a question or comment at the end of the registartion form. Please let me know if you have something you have a question about or if there is a topic of journaling you want me to cover in a blog post or video.

SIGN UP HERE: Here is the link for registration:

For those who register, I will be holding a private journaling session/chat at to celebrate and discuss our journeys!

Remember if you want to share on social media we have a hashtag to connect: #thejournalenthusiastjune21jc

Thank you for joining me, and I hope I can encourage or support you in your journaling practice and journey!

One bit of advice: Keep it simple enjoy the journey!

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