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Today, I share a story only a Journal Keeper will fully appreciate…

Yesterday, I tore out of the house on a mission. I was determined to grab some of the notebooks a local retail establishment had given me to sample with a new journal cover I recently acquired.

Do the details matter? Of course they do! I drove the 45 minute ride to Barrington Books Retold and arrived ten minutes before the store opened. I escorted Jennifer- The Manager in as she turned the key and allowed this eager customer to enter as she did. We had met the day before when she gave me the sample notebook. I love local bookstores, and this one is one of the loveliest to linger within.

After meandering through the bookstore, checking out the journals, stationery and books of interest, I grabbed two packs of Shinola notebooks with the intention of heading to the coffee shop and doing what a Journal Keeper does best. I had a coffee date with my journal and was excited to sit, ponder, brainstorm, reflect, create, imagine, design, and dream on paper. I was also thrilled to set up my new leather journal with the treasured notebooks.

Why all the excitement about a simple journal? Well I do have special plans for Lent for this particular journal. The fact that this journal is handmade by fellow New Englander, artisan J Caoilfhionn Marie of Imperfectly Perfekt and for a specific purpose is part of the excitement equation. But, I will save details for an upcoming post soon as part of the Journaling as a Lifestyle Series.

Friends…how can I say how much Random Journal Day has meant to me?

We have journeyed together, some have stepped in occasionally and we have been blessed by their part, yet there has always been a core gathering. We have become friends, and I am grateful for ALL of you!

Some of us are moving on to new endeavors, new chapters in our lives…and it seems it is time to let go and trust for the unknown adventures ahead. Each of us must follow that unique drumbeat we hear in the distance…yet always I pray you feel welcome to stay in touch, and continue to share the journey, though it may not look exactly the same.

Some exciting news to share about some of our amazing group of Journal Keepers:

Please, congratulate our Co-Hostess Susie Klein who has accomplished a lifelong dream and nurtured the God seed within by nurturing to fruition her beautiful new book Walking Butterfly – Comfy Cocoon to Flying Free !  Woohoo- throw the confetti! You can grab the book for yourself on Amazon. I am hoping to host a giveaway for a copy soon. Also Susie will be doing an interview here for us, though as of this writing, she does not realize it yet…um, er well…now she might.





Our wonderful friend Kel Rohlf is another kindred I absolutely love. Kel continues to offer up inspiration and creativity in her journaling journey. She is hosting and creating all sorts of new things…please visit her place and explore her Etsy shop. I will be hoping to jump in with Kel at some point as the dust settles a bit around here! Check out Kel’s Journaling prompts Souldare and creative whimsy at Soul Pantry.

The lovely Miss Kathy has also multiple projects going on …one I will be sharing in a post on its own and has to do with some amazing gloves she is creating for writers, crafters, knitters, and creatives of all kinds! I purchased a few pairs as gifts and for myself! They are fabulous! Check them out for yourself  Cameo Impressions on Etsy.

Pamela is still chasing the wild animals albeit a more leisurely pace these days, Cecelia was healing from an ankle injury but I am sure by now is walking with her King,  Carolyn is pondering future writing adventures,  …I know many of you are pursuing new things and I look forward to hearing all a bout them. I appreciate each one of you whether you have been a one time guest or regular participant. GROUP HUG!

Has journaling led you to new places? I would love for you to share in the comments! Thanks you for being here! 


SO let’s get this last party started! Here is the link up…share from a journal or a response to last week’s writing: Journaling as a Lifestyle (Upcoming Series)


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8 thoughts on “Random Journal Day-A Final Gathering

  1. Oh man Dawn! Thank you so so much for this lovely send off and especially for all the hard work you have poured into RJD!! I love you kiddo and YES, I look forward to our interview!

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  2. What a great place for you and I to meet up in NE sometime, at this bookshop! Looking forward to your new Lifestyles project. Fascinated to see what you do with that. So glad you love the gloves! Thanks for the post to the purpose. Hoping to do well with those this year. Love making them!

    Many thanks for hosting and inspiring us with RJD!!


  3. I find this to be a message wth a somber note. No more RJD? I just might cry. Seriously, everything has a beginning and an end. I will still read the journals of all the ones I have met here. I have two weeks of Physical Therapy and then I will have my ‘wheels’ back. I will be back on schedule of three posts a week very soon.


  4. Yeah, I’m a bit sad. I was just getting myself regularly involved with RDJ (finally!) and here it’s ending. But I know you have hosted this a long time, and… enthusiastically! and I’m sure it’s God’s leading for you to move on. Thank you so much for all you’ve done here. Still connected. God bless!


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