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Welcome to Random Journals Day! Since we did not have the usual first Friday of the month meet up in October I figured I would open the link early so we can get the party started. Hope I will not be the only one here, for too long! I have my post  ready so will be starting us off, which is unusual! Be sure and link up your own journal post, visit and enjoy the variety of journals shared and also our wonderful co-hostess of the month for November.

I am so excited to share our Featured Journal Keeper this month. It is Miss Kathy, of the Writer’s Reverie. I have been following this dear woman since I started blogging and she is a blessing to many in the blogosphere and beyond! Miss Kathy always juggles quite a lot and is releasing a beautiful children’s book in December and has started her own Christian publishing company called, Pageant Wagon Publishing  in the same year. She is nothing short of amazing and you will enjoy her style, wit and wonderful word-ly eloquence. Be sure and visit her- she will inspire you, friends! Without further adieu, here’s Miss Kathy!


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Variety is the Spice of Journaling

If there’s one question I absolutely hate and will NOT EVER answer without a great many disclaimers of one sort or another, it is this vile inquiry:

What is your FAVORITE _________?

Really? I HAVE to have a FAVORITE whatever?

No. It’s too hard. So many things delight my soul and make my spirit soar with inspiration. I hate to be tied down to just ONE FAVORITE in any random category at the expense of others equally worthy of my favored attentions.

It’s sort of like seasons. EVERY season is a favorite for one reason or another.

And colors.  Pick just ONE? Impossible!  There are many I give preference to – depending upon which mood I’m in and how those colors are to be employed. And, don’t get me started on teacups and saucers! 

So, you must know how panicked I can get when presented with the choice of only ONE FAVORITE journal I can choose to take home, adding to my collection, when standing before the seven foot high display case at Barnes and Noble. Here, I am faced with a plethora of the most delectable journals, in a myriad of colors, designs, sizes, shapes – and even accessorized gadgets like fanciful closures and the like! This produces a kind of shortness of breath and a claustrophobic sensation. The issue is that I am being asked to make a decision for ONLY ONE JOURNAL! A cramped box in which to be shoved, indeed.

 Journal Variety is Joyful!

In truth, I have a goodly number of journals for varied purposes. They are each my favorite.

With so many beautiful journal designs in every price range, I collect them in the aforementioned expanse of models. They are given a place of honor, initially, as home decor before I know what I shall secret to their pages with my pen. Assigning each to a unique purpose, they are like my own multi-faceted personality. I can take pleasure in each – in its peculiar season.

From Dollar Store special to Museum of Art editions, my journals become part of the fabric of my home – displayed where I can visually enjoy them – in addition to owning their purpose as a repository of reflections culled over time. The variety spices up my bookshelves and gives flavor to the unique thoughts I am inspired to write about. Here’s a list of how I divide my thoughts on journal pages:

The Purse Journal

I can’t go anywhere without a journal of some sort in my purse. Inspired ideas pop into my head at their will and if I don’t write them down, I run the risk of losing a treasure. Notes for a blog post about an event I’m attending might need recording – or the name and contact information of a person I meet. I may even need to rip a page from this mini-sized journal with my own contact information to give to another – if I’ve been careless in forgetting to pack business cards. Which often happens. I don’t like heavy or bulky purses, so I look for small, lightweight journals to tuck inside my bag, with a pen at the ready. I always use a retractable pen – the lidded pens require an extra movement to remove the lid and place on the end – often falling off leaving a pen point free to wreak all manner of chaos inside my purse. The size of the purse I’m using determines the journal I select. I prefer journals that have a closure – perhaps a magnet or elastic – so the pages don’t get ruffled. Artistic design is included in my choice – but sometimes the utility of a miniature marbled memo book and rubber band does the trick.

The Artist’s Journal

I keep a couple of journals for sketches and poetic ramblings. These don’t have lines. I keep a small folding wallet of colored pencils and pens, plus some scraping supplies with me, in case I want to capture a moment’s reflections more artistically. I use a mid-size model – my preferred size – which fits best in a mid-size bag that is not too much of a bear to drag around at retreats or conferences.

The Quotes Journal

I mark up my books with a yellow highlighter and often write notes in pencil throughout as I read. Sometimes, a quote from my reading is so captivating, memorializing in a journal is necessary. I like finding journals with an old-world classic look in which I’ll jot down the quote with the book reference and the date. Collecting quotes like this creates a reference book that I can look to when I’m searching for post material. It comes in handy when I’m reviewing my journal writings for longer manuscripts, because here – in one place – I have collected quotes and references ready to use without searching through all my books trying to find where I read that inspiring thing I remembered I read, that would be perfect for my writing project. I love reviewing my Quotes Journals! It’s like feasting on a collection of favorite thoughts! Yes – FAVORITE – and more than one, of course.

The Notes Journal

I have journals that are assigned to the retreats and conferences I attend. I only use them at that time. This is where I’ll jot down notes from the speakers I hear, and often take my notes using artistic lettering and varied sizes and spacing. Rather than the standard alpha-numeric notes of academia, I take my notes visually representing the words in the way I receive them in my spirit – where the emphasis is most keen. In the evenings when I’m in my room reflecting on the meetings that day, I break out my colored pencils and add more artistic flourishes as I review my notes. Some pages I’ll use to glue brochures, handouts, and perhaps the souvenir bookmark, postcard, or business card. It’s always interesting to review past retreat notes prior to the the next one I’m attending. It’s a record of learning – seeing the lessons the Lord leads me to over a period of years – each one building upon the other. It never ceases to amaze me watching how such a volume grows!

The Creativity Journal

Here, I look for a fun, artsy journal – like my Alice in Wonderland journal. This is where I keep my thoughts on creativity and art, and how God works through the arts to glorify Himself. I read a lot on this topic and study the arts to find the Lord and biblical principles in the creative process. Classic literature is very inspiring to me in this vein, inviting the reflection and recording of my thoughts about the craft of writing and visual arts. I may also jot down ideas for future projects in this journal, or fits and starts of poetry as it comes to me.

The Devotional/Prayer Journal

I have quite a number of these. I like finding journals that have Scriptures on the pages or a particular theme like joy, peace, worship, and the like. I use my Streams in the Desert journal when I’m in valley times, and a Psalms journal for worship reflections. Sometimes, I go to a rather generic looking journal to simply pour out my devotional thoughts about a Scripture passage as I have insight. I always date it and include references in case I want to do a deeper study. Often, my thoughts begin to turn to prayer and I find myself writing out the prayers in my heart inspired by my study.

The Life Story Journal

I had one of those small diaries with a lock and key when I was in the 8th grade. It’s hidden away in a memory box in the basement with other remnants of my school years. Each page was dated – with just so many lines upon which to write. I never filled it completely – my 8th grade year was full of angst and adolescent foolishness. Gah! I’m embarrassed to read what I did write! As an adult in the 1990’s, I started getting into the very large “commonplace” books – journals that were huge and gorgeous and bought pretty pricey at a fine arts store. I have a couple of these filled with detailed accounts of certain seasons in my life – the people and motives and lessons learned. Sometimes, I’m embarrassed to read those pages, too. Eventually, I moved to keeping such drama relegated to journal files on my computer. Yes, I admit it. I conceded to the ease of typing – with far longer accounts than I’d record in longhand.

The Binder Journal

In my young adult years, I kept binders and wrote in longhand on canary yellow pads. I’d punch holes in the yellow paper and keep that in the binder, in addition to all sorts of souvenir pages and items tucked in sheet protectors. It is still a journal style I use today. Most of my tangible journals are of this kind – binders everywhere! I always have a package of lined paper in the house for handwritten pages, plus things I record in the computer, I print out, hole punch, and keep in a binder for comfortable reading in my recliner as I will.

The Blog Journal

Yep – this is where I’m at most of the time these days. I use my specifically assigned journals on occasion, but find I am currently working within the context of my blog writing. What I write is not private – it’s out there for all to see. How we work through our thoughts and draw them out for personal growth, posterity, and the glory of God is the most important thing – no matter which journal you use.

So – which is your favorite?

Ha! Betcha can’t choose just one!

And, does it really matter? So long as you have some way of recording the work of God in your mind and heart through the written word, you are fulfilling your call as a writer and person of value, living a life worthy of record in the time and space you have been given.


May you take great joy in all your journal adventures,

Knowing that each word in whatever format

– Paper-bound or digital –

Is a treasure and legacy of God 

Working out the miracle of your life!

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Kathryn Ross, Author – “Miss Kathy” is a former elementary school teacher with training in the Principle Approach® philosophy of education via the Foundation for American Christian Education. Her passion for discipleship, mentoring and love of history, literature and the arts has been the foundation of her ministry to impart a biblical worldview into all subjects, and the sanctuary of knowing God through innocence, goodness and beauty. As a professional storyteller and “enrichment artist,” MissKathy performs a large repertoire of classic tales in schools, libraries, churches, elder care facilities and community groups – for children of all ages. Her new picture book series launches under her own imprint as Pageant Wagon Publishing with the December release of Fable Springs Parables and more to come in 2015. She blogs at The Writer’s Reverie: Whimsical Inspirations & Devotional Ruminationswww.thewritersreverie.com, taking breaks for teatime, treasure hunting in antique shops, strolling through bookstores with her husband, tending two literary cats, and making beautiful things.


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  1. Awesome! So honored to be your Featured Journal Keeper this month, Dawn! Thanks for your words of blessing and favor and links back to my place! I’m looking forward to see what wonders everyone shares from their journal treasuries this month!
    Blessings to you with much joy!!

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  2. Kathy- I love your ecclectic collection of journals and their “peculiar” purposes! I, too, find it difficult to find a favorite…I do like a mid-sized spiral journal of the mixed-media variety, but have gone back to lined, pretty ones since I was gifted with some rare beauties this year…thank you for spreading the journal love and love for God in the arts and life!


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