How to Help Change the World as a Surfer

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As many of you who follow me know, not only do I live in coastal Rhode Island, but I love this tiny state that boasts big beauty, breathtaking scenery and diverse geography.

Although my guest, Jay Recinto, is sharing a message for Surfers and Surfer wanna – be’s like me, I think it is a great message which applies to all of us as people. This earth is not our own, yet we all have a hand in it.

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Surfers have this unique opportunity that a lot of people don’t. Due to their regular interaction with the world’s oceans, they have this opportunity to help Mother Nature – starting with the oceans. Let’s look beyond the fact that without healthy oceans, there’s no water to surf anyway. The ocean gives surfers a place for excitement, serenity or both. As a surfer, shouldn’t you give back and help change the world by helping take care of the ocean?

Changing the world is not about bringing out the checkbook. There are a lot of things that you can do as a surfer.

Respect the Ocean

Respect the ocean and expect respect in return. No one owns the world’s oceans. We’re just guests. In the same manner that you can’t disrespect a man’s house as a guest, you can’t disrespect the ocean.

Treat every day as Earth Day. Keep the ocean and the beach free of things that shouldn’t be there. Leave nothing but the footprints on the sand, so to speak.

It’s very easy to start. Just don’t pollute and other people will follow suit. But don’t just stop at not being a source of the problem. Be a solution and start picking up things that shouldn’t be there. If you see something that shouldn’t be there – like a can or a plastic bag – pick it up.

Join and Start Ocean Clean-Up Drives

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Ask around for information about an upcoming ocean clean-up drive. Yes, you don’t have to do it alone. There are several organizations that you can volunteer for like the Surfrider Foundation.

If you can’t find one, start one. Ask family, friends and fellow surfers. Set aside a weekend for the clean-up drive. Spread the word around using social media. Before you know it, you have dozens, maybe even hundreds of volunteers helping you clean up your local beach.

Volunteer at a Non-Profit Organization of Surfers

Surfers all over the world are recognizing that they have several unique chances to help. In addition to Surfrider Foundation that works on ocean protection and coastal preservation, we have a lot of other non-profit organization of surfers that have world-changing goals.

Here are just some non-profits that you should check out:

  • Operation Amped

They teach those wounded in service to surf and share in their love of the ocean.

  • SurfAid

They connect with people in isolated areas through surfing and help improve the quality of their life.

  • Waves for Water

They aim to provide clean water to communities that need it.

  • Sustainable Surf

Their main goal is to change the surfing industry from unsustainable to sustainable.

The world has a lot of problems. Be a solution by joining as a volunteer. Better yet, start your own movement.

Be an Ambassador of Surfing with a Heart

Think multiplicity. If your actions can lead to good things, imagine dozens of other surfers doing the same actions and leading to the same good things. In addition to talking about the time when you conquered a 7 meter wave in Teahupoʻo, feel free to talk about the time when you led a hundred-people clean-up drive.

Simply put, be a good example. Make “surfing for a better world” a thing in your community. Soon enough, your community will inspire other communities.

Encourage Other People to Surf and Join You in Your Efforts


Honestly, most people will fall in love with surfing as soon as they conquered (or wiped out) their first wave. They just need to start. As a surfer, encourage your family members and friends to take up the sport. As soon as they join their first surf lesson, they’ll fall in love with it. Soon enough, you’ll have a few of your friends joining you in your efforts.

What do you say? Are you ready to help change the world?


Jay Recinto is the Media Content Manager of the Warm Winds Surf Shop in Narragansett Rhode Island. Warm Winds offers surf lessons so you can recruit your family members and friends to join you in your efforts. Being a locally-owned surf shop, Warm Winds is very active in giving back to the community. Their latest project is helping Vans with their Custom Culture Design Competition by encouraging Rhode Island schools to register and get a chance to win $50,000 for arts education.



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