Random Journal Day #40 Featuring Cecelia Lester

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Welcome to Random Journal Day– May! If you are new around here Random Journal Day is the first Friday of every month; We come together after digging through our old journals and find some tid bit to share and link up. Journal Keepers of ALL kinds are welcome. Each month we like to feature a Journal Keeper to share their thoughts on journaling, creating, writing, life and all things journal related! This month I am honored to have our very own Cecelia Lester here to share…

How I Came To Journal and Write

I want to thank Dawn for asking me to consent to be the Featured Journal Keeper for May. I also want thank those who choose to read my offerings to this Random Journal Day group.

About Me:

My name is Cecelia Lester: I blog as Quiet Spirit, which I chose as the name for my writing ministry. I am married. My hubby is retired from the automobile industry. We have been married for 45 years. Our only son lives 600 miles west of us and works for the government. I worked for the Army at an area installation that is now closed. Thirty years ago, I had some serious concerns about my life. My husband asked me to take a personal leave in order to get through this difficult time. It was during this time I started writing. My purpose was to gain perspective over my circumstance. I am unsure of what became of that notebook. I enjoyed the exercise of writing. One night I couldn’t sleep because of having the details of my life going through my mind. My eyes opened and I thought that’s it! I’ll write a book. That is not how God lead me.


About Journaling:

I started keeping spiritual journals. I would look at a verse in the Bible and record my thoughts about it. Or I would comment on how the verse affected me. I focus some entries on how the 21st Century people react to the focus verse.  Sometimes these journals come with scripture verses printed at the bottom of each page. One time, I started with a clean journal and entitled it Consider these things. I started with Matthew and went through the Gospels and wrote thoughts about each section of scripture. Alas, I stopped doing this when I took a full-time job. The one I use this year is blank and I have to find my topic verses. I spent the Lenten season journaling about Psalm 51. I have more verses in this Psalm to delve into after Easter.


About Other Writing: 

Besides my journaling and my blog, I also contribute a weekly article to Live As If (liveAsif.org) under my own name. I chose “God’s Words for US” as the name of the column. My choice was because I wanted to help spread God’s word and I always learn something new when I write about Him. I have a writing project that I have dealt with for almost a year and a half. I need to get on it so I can advance to the next level of the process.


You can visit Cecelia at her blog: Following My King


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8 thoughts on “Random Journal Day #40 Featuring Cecelia Lester

  1. I love how intentional you are with scripture, and your journal-keeping. What a wonderful story–and how He’s met you. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hi Cecelia,
    I so appreciated reading about your spiritual journey, which you have documented in writing in your journals. I, too, consider that I write spiritual journals, including my prayers, which I call my “love letters to God,” rephrased Scriptures, where I put them into my own words and pleas to the Lord (like psalms), and spiritual insights from the Scriptures I’m reading. I also wrestle a lot with the Lord or thank Him for His faithfulness. It’s always a joy to meet a fellow journaling aficonado. Thank you for sharing your heart on the page.


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