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This month Random Journal Day falls on Easter Weekend…which means to say it is EXTRA special. Actually it means that everyone is probably really super busy. As for me, I am joining in with a different sort of post for this particular occasion.

For Christmas, I treated myself to a beautiful journal that I am just about finished filling as of Easter Sunday. I started writing in it on January 2nd and will be making my last entry this weekend. It is filled to the brim with words, memories, mementos and all sorts of ephemera. It has been loved well and will join many friends in the archives  waiting on the bookshelves designated for my treasured journals.

I often look for journal bargains, but every once in awhile I splurge on a special journal. This journal caught my eye and I almost bought it, but decided to wait since the cost was more than I like to spend on journals. I write with such frequency that expensive journals could potentially drain the budget. Especially since I also enjoy other stationary items and writing instruments. You could say I have a passion for paper- of all kinds. But most of you already know that about me.

I have to say carrying this journal around for the past 3 months has been wonderful. Having such a beautiful journal truly makes journal writing feel special. I confess it did nothing for my neatness, I tend to get very scribbly in my journals most days. Not always, but often. Since my journal is my place for me to just BE. I be, however I want to be.

The way I write is a continuum which makes finding entries difficult, especially with the generous amount of pages that this journal holds. Recently I have made a valiant effort to mark out poems, events and notes I wanted to get back to with little tabs. This proved to be helpful as I often scribble out a poem or post and work on or edit it at a later date than the original writing.


Well, I just had to share this beauty with my fellow journal lovers and also remind you to treat yourself and your writing to a special gift – you will find yourself feeling inspired. My writing times have been especially rich and enjoyable with this lovely leather journal. I already have two more of them in my Barnes & Noble cart online for the right coupons sales timing. I really did love the quality of the paper and the durablity of this journal so much that I wrote a review! Please know, I am not being compensated in any way for these opinions, I just really wanted to share how much I have enjoyed this quality product. I  would often stare at the leather journals every time I went to Barnes & Noble but not buy them as I felt the cost was a bit much for my budget. No regrets.

Meanwhile, here is my offering for RJD. I wrote a poem in my journal during my morning quiet time on Good Friday (below) . I thought I would just go ahead and share it here this weekend. I also put it up on the Blog (edited) yesterday if you’d like to see how it looks after editing. Check out the edited version Your Glory Be (Meditation of the Redeemed)



The Violet Peony Journal is available @ Barnes & Noble. You can also read my review there.

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8 thoughts on “My Journal Love: Leather Violet Peony Journal

  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful journal! I love to go to Barnes and Noble – or Books-a-Million or any other store – and just browse through the different journals! I was in a Christian store the other day searching for one to use after I finish the one I received for Christmas – I started the end of Dec. doing my morning devotions with the Upper Room Daily Devotions and a Psalms for Women devotion book; I have some pages left, but wanted one similar since it would be continuing the devotions for 2015…I already have about 6 empty journals, waiting for me to start using them!!

    Love doing RJD; finished mine earlier in the week and scheculed it to post on Fri. morning – and had forgotten I had even finished it!! Just too busy to remember EVERYTHING!! I even “forgot” Five Minute Friday”; but when I DID get around to it on Fri., the posts on “GOOD” were so … well, GOOD! … that I just left it to the other bloggers.

    WOW!! Either I am tired…or wound up! Either way, can’t believe I’m rambling…

    Working on RJD for May 1st…

    Hope you had a blessed Easter weekend and a joyous Easter Sunday!!

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    1. We are so much alike, Barbara ! I have a stack waiting too! I am in the middle of Easter dinner prep and am hoping to read everyone’s links later tonight. Such a busy weekend! I so enjoy your portion and friendship here! Look forward to reading you and everyone that has gathered. Grateful! Happy Easter. 😉


  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful journal! I love the ancient tree of life journal made in Italy. The leather is so fragrant and it gets softer as it is used so by the last page it is so hard to put away and start a new one!


  3. Dawn- Love how this journal invited you to enjoy it! I have been using the journals that people gift me with, but I miss my 7X10 mixed media spiral blank journals that I used for several years…I have a dream to hand sew a journal with watercolor paper and a leather cover…it’s hard for me to remain faithful to one journal…but I do keep just one for my general writing. Thanks for hosting us…I so look forward to the encounters with our journals each month!

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  4. OH! I wish I could be as prolific in my journals as you are! I know that, in the past when I have done so, I end up spending ALL MORNING and so much passes undone by day’s end. I think it is because of my perfectionist tendencies. I MUST have the PERFECT thing to write about–or not at all. A good deal of my journal writing is prompted by a momentous occasion. So much other writing–books, blog posts (another name for online journaling to me) takes center stage and my beautiful journals kept for only the most precious of words sit–like fine china–on the bookshelf. Why do I label my thoughts as “journal worthy” or “not journal worthy?”

    THIS may be what I write about for RJD next month . . . thinking on these things.


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