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I got a message earlier this week from a friend inquiring about “journaling” gifts and asking for my suggestions. She gave me a brief description of who she was buying for and wondered what I would specifically recommend.

Well, shopping with other people’s money is my joy! Even if only in my head. Opinions I have, and opinions I share. So, since this is a question I get often, I have decided to share some of my very favorite repeat purchase products for journaling.

I’ll catch my planner people with another post.


The journaling world offers a great number of products for anyone wanting to stretch their creative muscles, mind and memory. Whether writing, drawing, painting, sketching, planning, creating or doodling,  a journal is a thinking person’s best friend. I have tried many, and loved a few. With so many options, it can be overwhelming. I would like to share  a few of my very favorite journals and journaling products here, but this is not all exclusive as I continue to discover new  loves daily!

I enjoy using both notebooks and journals which include paper, and notebooks or journal  covers which are designed to be filled with interchangeable various notebooks, papers and accessories. That being said, I’ll  share a little of both.

Hands down,  Poppin notebooks are my favorite. I love the paper quality, and texture. The colors are fantastic. I started my 2016 with Gold and Aqua Medium Soft Cover Notebooks. One for journaling, one for planning. Other features I love are the elastic closure bands- I use these to hold my place, and the ribbon bookmark can hold a charm and another place. The back pocket is great for randoms, and the 192 pages quells my fear of running out of paper too frequently. These notebooks are perfectly sized and fit well in the hand and purse. They travel well and stylishly. They look good as is, but can fit into a wide Traveler’s Notebook nicely. The colors always make me smile. Construction is excellent. Honestly, I’m getting NOTHING for saying all this, but if you buy me one, I will be your friend for life! I think these make great gifts in all the sizes and colors, not to mention the matching accessories.

Gold and Aqua Poppin Notebooks in my Mango Foxy Fix Cover.


I love the pens, as well. My preference is black ink, so my top pick for those looking to gift a journal and pen would be to grab a small sampling set for your giftee in both black and blue – assuming you do not k now their preference.  Pop on over and check out these colorful matching pens!

Seriously, there you have it from a journal keeper’s mouth. One Notebook with matching pen equals happiness! Or throw in a few notebooks, writers can never have too many notebooks, believe me. My family tries to convince me I have enough…but if you write or create – you are in need of continual replenishment! Send more journals! Send more pens! Your creative friends can NEVER have too many. Understood?

This year I fell in love with the new Inkjoy Gel Pens. I think a pack of those pens is a great stocking stuffer. I have been using Inkjoys for a few years but these new gel pens really are amazing and a true joy to write and create with. These come in a variety of colors. I grabbed the Black, Red and Blue to start ( I gifted the blue). The 14 color set is on my Christmas/Amazon wish list!



Next, one needs a mug to fill with good brew for those early morning and late night journaling, dreaming, brainstorming sessions. A journal girl or guy can NEVER have too many mugs! We have an overflowing cupboard full of them to keep the inspiration flowing around here. I love a bargain, but I treat myself  to a mug  seasonally. I also gift mugs often. We do have quite a few from Starbucks. Which is where I got my holiday brew holder this current season!


Another mug that has frequented my Instagram feed in the past can be found here: Give Me Jesus Mug. 

OK, so we’ve got the paper, pen, mug, and now we need creature comforts. Everyone knows, writers need warm fuzzy socks. So, because I do not have a favorite brand as of this writing – but the search is on- I usually will grab the soft fuzzy ones from Old Navy on sale for my daughter and I. Cozy, soft, comfy socks are a MUST for the creative process. I hoard socks, but go through them, as I wear them so much.

This year, I enjoyed using many journals. A majority of them were handcrafted by artisans I appreciate and admire. Although I would love to share all of them all with you and the intricate qualities I love from each, I will not be able to do that and keep this brief.


I have such a love for my Chic Sparrow Journals. I do not know exactly what makes one leather better than another, or all of the intricacies of quality and craftsmanship. I know what I like, simply. I am especially fond of the Creme Leather. Specifically in the Creme Brulee color. The quality, excellent customer service and expediency in delivery, on top of exsqueezably delicious and beautiful products makes Chic Sparrow one of my most loved (and frequented) sites. It’s nice that you can also purchase excellent quality inserts to stuff your own journal well or easily get all you need in one stop for gifting purposes.


Cherry Blossoms Italian Leather Journal (Barnes & Noble) sandwiched between my Chic Sparrow Creme Pocket Deluxe and Extra Wide Classic.


Another favorite journal I have used and  continue to love is the Barnes & Noble Italian Leather Journal Collection. I have reviewed The Bouquets of Peony Journal  HERE.  The paper is exceptional, with little chance of bleed through, over 300 luxurious pages  bound and wrapped in a variety of lovely covers. I have carried these journals everywhere. They are gorgeous and functional. I’ve poured my heart out in a few.

Not that I am a Miss Fancy Pants, by any stretch of the imagination, but I have to say, I think for some writing endeavors and dream weaving, a special pen is in order. For these moments I have been enjoying the Pilot Metropolitan Collection.



My Pilot MR Animal Collection Fountain Pen, Matte White with White Tiger Accent, Medium Nib, Black Ink

I love that these are easy to change with replaceable and affordable ink cartridges!  I have two at the moment.  One I intend to use for my MASTERMIND Dream, Journal Plan 2017 Event. Of course, I’m planning on squeezing that in soon, so I had to have the White Tiger ready to roar right away! Early Christmas present to self, for the win!

Another great journal gift at a reasonable price is the Choosing Joy in the Journey Journal by the Success Choice. Pamela Henrie serves up some great tools for planning and journaling in very functional and beautiful options. I love the journaling prompts that are served up by theme in the journals available. You can also get the journal in spiral, punched, disc-punched formats. How awesome is that? I’ve reviewed these journals HERE. You can check the website for the most recent available versions and options. There are some wonderfully crafted journal covers at this site- you won’t regret checking it out!

Please know this list is not all-inclusive, but it definitely reflects a nicely refined list that I can guarantee will bring smiles to your gift recipients’ lips!

I hope this was a helpful post! Do you have a question or request about journaling or journaling tools/resources ? Want more posts like this? Let me know!

Do you have a journal product you love that I should check out? Do tell!

Questions, Comments, Feedback welcome!

Happy Journaling, and Gift Giving this holiday season.

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