Random Journal Day #49 with Featured Journal Keeper Wendy Roberts


Hello, Friends. Welcome to Random Journal Day on this Easter Weekend. Our link is gathering a little late this Friday but I will be keeping it open until Tuesday at six in the evening. If you are new to Random Journal Day, an extra hearty WELCOME! You can check out the details HERE. Make yourself comfortable, grab a beverage, and get ready to enjoy one of the most wonderful activities a journal keeper can take part in…peeking in other Journal Keepers’ journals!


First, I’d like to introduce you to our Featured Journal Keeper this month, Wendy Roberts. I discovered Wendy within the past year as I stumbled into the Planner and Journal communities that thrive on You Tube. I fell in love with Wendy’s videos and she quickly became my favorite You Tuber to follow. Not only was I intrigued with her particular style of journal keeping, but I adored her easy-going way, down to earth manner and most of all, her laughter. Her laughter is contagious! Her  self effacing disposition also caught my attention. Soon we began communicating regularly through e-mails, Social Media, You Tube comments and eventually Skype. I now consider Wendy a friend and I am so grateful she  jumped at the chance  finally was persuaded to join us here so I can share her wonderfulness with all of you.

Wendy’s style of Journal Keeping is much different from mine, as she confesses she has mixed feelings about revealing her innermost self on paper. Partially to blame was that she had the dreaded experience all journal and diary keepers fear: another person exposing words meant not to be shared in a humiliating way.

“I LOVE the look of journals that have nothing but writing in them.  I wish I could do that, but when I begin writing a bit more in depth, I am fearful that someone will read it, so I don’t.”

Fellow Journal Keeper Stacy, had a similar experience which she shared on a prior RJD gathering. In some ways writing in journals can be risky, but the rewards for the journal keeper are many. Wendy participated in the 21 Days of Journaling in January and has been stretching beyond her comfort zone more recently in her journaling journey. Still she confesses, “My favorite type of journals are ones that record your daily events or life happenings.”

Wendy shares her own journal regularly in videos called “Flip Throughs”. In these short films  she pages through her current journal, commenting on the details. She calls this, her favorite journal, her Fauxbonichi,  which is a less costly or homemade version of the popular Japanese style of Planner/Journal Hobonichi. Trust me, I had heard of none of this until the land of You Tube, but there are some serious journal loving peeps in that there place, friends. In this journal Wendy documents her days in creative, colorful fashion using pens, paints, magazine clippings, a plethora of stationary and ephemera.

Wendy says, “When I write in my journal I list what I did that day, where I went, what my kids did, and maybe other little things I would like to remember.  Then I add color, paper, pretty stickers, tape, any thing to dress the page up.  Sometimes it has something to do with what happened that day, or it may be a paper I thought was pretty so I added it.  Each day is different.”

Wendy has a unique way of expressing that she had a bad day in her journal. So as not to stir up negativity or rehash an old hurt she draws pictures of cherries to acknowledge that things did not go well.

“One habit I do now that I will continue is not listing negative things in the journal.  I have bad days just like everyone else, but I don’t need to list the reasons, as it might bring up bad feelings again.  So I will draw, write, paste pictures of ‘scattered cherries’. ” 

Isn’t that brilliant?

Anyway, Wendy has made a special 5 minute video for those of us here at Random Journal Day this month sharing from her journal. I am also linking her most recent peek into her Journaling Journey. I know you are gonna love her journal!  By the way, if you want to hear Wendy’s contagious laugh, you’ll need to watch the second one. Please be sure and make Wendy feel welcome here so she will want to write all of her deep, dark secrets and come back to share with us! OK?  Ok…well you know what I mean.

Hoodlumsx4 is the name Wendy goes by on her You Tube channel. She is married, has 4 sons and Lives in Virginia. She enjoys running with Dinosaurs, hanging out with her family and discovering bargains while shopping anywhere. Wendy loves the color pink, Harry Potter and owls.  When she is not crafting or making You Tube videos you can find her working on writing her first novel. (OK, I made that last part up. Hee-Hee! But ya never know, Wendy!)

Visit Wendy’s You Tube channel- Here
Go to the Random Journal Day Video –Here
See Most recent Flip Through- Here


OK, let’s get this party started…YIKES! We are really starting later than usual. Reminder: The link is open until Tuesday- share RJD with friends who might enjoy joining us here, and remember to leave footprints of love (via your comments) wherever you visit! Whoohoo! 

Oh, and let me know how the new link up works. I just purchased a membership, so I look forward to your feedback. Click on the link to link up and visit at InLinkz.

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20 thoughts on “Random Journal Day #49 with Featured Journal Keeper Wendy Roberts

  1. Wendy, you truly have a creative style of journaling. I could never do that, simply not as creative in terms of drawing things. I am working at learning to draw though.

    I like how you don’t record your bad days. I couldn’t pull it off because well it was the hard times that I needed to journal through. Yet I can see how it would be better when you look back to not get pulled back into those emotions. It may be something that I can adapt to though….something where I can record both the good and the bad so that when I look back on entries it is more an even mix of things. So glad that you were able to join us.

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    1. Thank you Deanna! I still am learning to draw. My son once told me my drawings look like a 5th grader did them. That was a compliment, it meant I was getting better!! hahahahaha.

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  2. Wendy, oh my goodness! Your journal is so lovely!!! I really haven’t the guts to beautify my journal as yours. I’m fortunate enough to simply write in mine.


    1. Thank you! I bet yours look beautiful with all that writing. I’m hoping to get to that one day. 🙂


  3. Wendy- I love the visual elements of your journaling and how you document every day life. What a treasure! So glad Dawn introduced you to us! I am going to wait until Monday to share my random journal day link, since I am contemplating Easter on my blog this weekend…Thanks, Dawn for leaving the link open until Tuesday!

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    1. Hi Kel, I just was visiting your blog and love that collage you did! I am glad you stopped by despite the busy weekend. My journal writing and Bible reading times have been rich during this season. So grateful we have so much between us in our mutual love for Jesus and Journaling. Have a blessed Easter weekend.


    2. Thank you. I do love being able to go back and see the things I did each day, even if it was a boring day.


  4. Thank you so much Wendy for sharing your unique journaling style! I love that you draw and add stickers, etc. to your journal! And write only minimally, but mostly of what you did on each day – even if it was nothing…so you added a LARGE piece of something!! And, I also love that you don’t journal the “bad times”; but I, like others, pour out my heart and whatever when I have a bad day or days. That is where I get my journaling from (when I did the write31days challenge on Dementia’s Demands, a lot of my journaling had been done way back when.

    Thank you Dawn for sharing Wendy with us!!! I will be a follower…

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    1. Thank you Barbara! I would LOVE to journal the way you do. I am working on writing a little bit more than I do now. I have started a separate journal and it’s a slow process. I haven’t given up yet. 🙂


  5. Wendy, I love the way you journal your days. The idea of the scattered cherries is brilliant. I found your YT channel about a month or so ago and have been catching up when I can. I’m grateful for the tutorial on how to make the reversible cloth book cover, I’m going to try that. Dawn is right, your laughter is contagious. Thank you for making all your videos and sharing with us.


    1. Thank you Debralyn!! I love being able to “forget” the scattered cherries. That is when you know they really worked. 🙂


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