200 Day Journal-Prompt 64

We are rolling along and today’s prompt is brings us one day closer to the weekend! For new to this journaling adventure friends, Head to this page and you will get all the need to know info. If you have any other thoughts, requests or comments, you can leave them below.

Prompt 64: The Good News About Being Wrong

Take this prompt at face value and respond to it as is by writing The good news about being wrong is…

Below I offer a plethora of possibilities going in a multiple directions. Find the one that elicits the strongest response and write your heart out!

You can alternately start with these:

Being wrong may seem like bad news at first, unless…

Write about a time when you got something wrong, but learned something really important.

Write about good news you got excited about but discovered it was not what you thought.

Other ways to work with this prompt:

What would be good news you’d like to hear today?

You have heard that no news IS good news, agree or disagree in your journal.

With all the news that we have access to, ask yourself and ponder, how much news is enough, too much, too little? How does knowing news benefit or burden you? What can you do to be aware without taking in more than what is needful for your well being.

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