200 Day Journal – Prompt 65

Weekend Writing: Prompt 65- Life is a Journey

Life is a journey and what a journey it is! I was discussing with my daughter the journaling prompts and options, and how much at first glance I really don’t care for this prompt. Yet, here it is. You may be thinking, Dawn, why on God’s good green earth would you want to suggest journaling a prompt you dislike? Well, I will tell you exactly why. Listen well, Grasshoppers…and you will understand everything…

Sometimes the things that make you say, Yuck, truly give you the best insights into yourself. The trick is being willing to go beyond the superficial. To dig deeper, to the tender roots, and then…WALA! Something to see, yes? Buried deep, beneath the surface, in the unexpected, hidden, hard to get to places, you discover …a bulb, or a nugget of truth, or something you didn’t know was there all along.

Sometimes it’s hidden by layer upon layer of past experiences piled high…sometimes boredom is just an excuse for lazy thinking. Annoyance can be a sign that there’s something worth going after. Rubbed the wrong way? Why? Annoyed? WHY? Never stop asking the question why? Not because you’ll find ONE answer, but because in seeking…you might just stumble into a stranger, that stranger? It might just be YOU!

SO, life IS a journey…yeah, yeah, yeah. Depending on your experiences you can go a number of ways; depending on your beliefs you can go another number…but you take this prompt and you let it take you somewhere. ANYWHERE…and if it annoys you, rubs you wrong, seems completely blah, try my alternative.

Are you ready?

Option 1. If life is a journey and you are a car, journal where you are going and what kind of vehicle you are. Details and imagination are required. Let’s do this. I dare you. I double dog dare you. Write outside of your box AND comfort zone. Surprise yourself, you will (spoken in Yoda’s voice).

Option 2. Jump off these starters:

  1. I am on a journey, headed to…
  2. When I think of my life as a journey…
  3. The older I get the more I…
  4. When I was younger I thought…
  5. It wasn’t until recently I could look at my life and…

Option 3. Is there a journey you’ve taken or want to take to discover the meaning of life? OR Is there a special place you want to explore, visit or go to at least once in your life. Why?

Option 4. Write about one undone thing in your life journey you want to finish or resolve this side of eternity. It can be small or big. Only tackle this option if you are prepared to write the why, and follow up with the how and when.


Sit back and enjoy the Life is a Journey Playlist I made. Feel free to skip the songs you hate. OR see if any of them inspire you to journal -Maybe a title or two! Warning: This is a random playlist, though all the songs or genres are songs I’ve liked at one time along my own life journey- from teen years to now. There’s more than meets the eye here, BUT just an optional thing – absolutely NOT required!.

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