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Well, hellooooooo! Welcome to a special celebration and happy reunion. If you are new to Enthusiastically, Dawn or have never heard of Random Journal Day, never mind a reunion for such a day- just stick around- I am here to welcome you and introduce you to some of my dearest friends in the journaling community.

Many moons ago…when the dinosaurs were roaming freely about the new born earth…OK, no. Actually, in my early days of blogging I connected with a fellow blogger who went by the name Recovering Church Lady. One day while perusing her posts, I read of a prior adventure she shared henceforth through her journal. Then I read another and another and so on and so on…until I couldn’t help but wonder to myself about the fun it would be to share together with others our former adventures, by digging into our journal archives and randomly choosing an excerpt to share.

I thought to myself, I shall suggest this endeavor to this much more experience blogger and we shall have great fun henceforth sharing our  journaling archives and adventures…happily ever after.

To which she replied, “That sounds like a fabulous idea, you go ahead and make it happen, with my blessing and full support!”

The rest is history.

Names have been maintained to expose the guilty.

The end.

Actually the beginning…and that is how Random Journal Day was born. Somewhatish.

Do you journal? How many journals do you have in your archives? Do you ever “harvest” your journals? Harvesting, with regard to journaling, is the act of gong back and rereading the contents of your journals and reflecting a bit about where you were then and where you are now. That’s the simplest way to see it. It is a wonderfully enlightening and humbling exercise, I might add. Especially if you reveal your truest self, holding little or nothing back,  in the pages of that little book.

Journaling itself, can take many forms, but the truest and most noble of journal gifts is the self revelation that can come from baring one’s soul on bare white paper. Are you brave? Do you dare? Well, brave or not, still,  there is no wrong way to journal. You could make a whole other life up, if it suited you. Not sure what purpose that would serve unless you were a novel writer…but there you go. It could work.

Meanwhile, the reason we are gathering together is to celebrate all that was, and is and is to come in our little community. Or already has been and will not be. OK, I definitely digress.

If you document your day, keep an art journal, address your Dear Diary, or write letters to your soul, God or your future spouse in your journal…it’s all OK. The journal becomes you. The journal meets your need, and is your companion and conduit.

Over the course of this next week, you are invited to share one of your own favorite journals or journal entries in a blog post and join in and link here with us. Pick a journal randomly, or consider picking up pen and paper anew as you consider your journaling life and what journal-keeping means to you now, or has meant to you in the past.

The link will open up for this SPECIAL RJD REUNION beginning tomorrow night and remain open until the following Friday. We will celebrate and reconnect and connect with new friends – I hope.

If you are a journal lover or one who loves to read, write and create, I promise you will enjoy good company, and kindred spirits among these friends who will join in the celebration.

Additionally, I will have a number of fun surprises to share and there may be some interesting giveaways occurring! SO, please do share with your journaling friends and come one and come all as we share the journal love together and celebrate journaling and creative community!

Is all you have to do is come back tomorrow (Saturday) to the blog and I will (God willing) have a post and link ready for you. Please join in and link as you are able.

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If you have questions or any requests, leave a comment below. You can follow me on Instagram for journal glimpses and random behind the journal pages real-life snapshots  on Instagram.


Looking for journaling inspiration? I wrote a book… Join me in the journey? Some of my journaling friends have also published books which will encourage, inspire and edify your heart, mind and soul. They have agreed to share in the spirit of journaling and giving and I look forward to introducing you to them. Expect to be blessed! Expect to make new friends and discover new journaling inspiration!

Until tomorrow!





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8 thoughts on “Random Journal Day Reunion Celebration

  1. Oh, my! So interesting to go back and read my RJD post and comments. I am in such a different place these days. I feel much more free in my journaling with both kids grown and moved out and my husband in a different state of mind as well. I don’t “fear” the snooping much, if at all, these days. I do keep my rants to share with the Lord alone and try to stick to the TRUTH acronym in my writing, but I am honest about my feelings, my struggles, my regrets, my hopes and I’ve begun saving journals again. Oh, and they are a lot more interesting to look at since I went through your book. I don’t draw in them, but I have a big box of stickers, magazine clippings, and such that inspire me and my pages are decorated with those (tip: buy stock in Elmer’s glue sticks…I go through a lot of them!) Looking forward to this journey with you!


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