The Winds of March Bring Change





Here I am writing on the last evening of February 2018. I am not sure how your start to this new year has gone so far, but I have an inkling of where it might go if you join me…


March is here and the winds of change are blowing gently, I feel a nudging. I hear a whisper. It sounds like love and is asking me to come. Come away from the hard…come away from the busy, come away from my own desires, come again at once and turn myself over to the One my heart does truly desire above all. If I can just, for the life of me, draw near in stillness, in quietness,  in trust.

How about you?

Life’s pace is enough to squeeze joy out of the days if we’re not careful. I’m one to travel down familiar paths when I sense I’ve lost my bearing. I long for the well-traveled paths that bring peace and feel safe, yet offer new opportunities to sync spiritually with the season and offer fresh insights and new hope.

When I turned fifty I celebrated by sharing a Praise Challenge and special gift with those who wanted to join me on a praise journey. I’d like to offer this challenge anew as the first days of March blow through our lives, but really you can start and restart this journey at any time your spirit craves a fresh start, or a new beginning.

Practicing praise regularly, as we walk through the muck and mess of ordinary time, requires dedication, determination, discipline, desire and a whole lot of the Holy Sprit’s help! Can I get an Amen?

I have used a few different devotional tools in my day and some of them I come back to again and again. They are proven and practical. Bob Hostetler’s 31 Ways To Praise is one of these wonderful and practical tools I have employed and enjoyed.

During March I will once more meditate using this 31 day prompted scripture based praises. I will use these as springboards for my journaling and prayer time in the mornings. I will share my journey in Instagram, but I am not sure I will post every day as I don’t fare well with committed public post challenge efforts of these kinds. I prefer to be open and heedful of how God moves me to share or not, how I feel and if I want to share something silly or simple. However the image from this post was my morning instagram picture, so one never knows!

If you want to join me and springboard in your journal or just ponder and meditate as you feel led by using the prompts, here are a few links to get started:

Bob Hostetler’s website: Visit Bob’s website (I enjoy his twitter and facebook posts as well!) Also this is not an endorsed or affiliate post!

31 Ways to Praise  PDF: Click to get PDF

Buy the Praise cards (I gave these out for my 50th): Check out Prayer Cards on Tyndale House Publishers *Also available on Amazon.

I don’t know what changes will be blowing my way or yours, but I do know this: No matter what winds be blowing I’ll still be praising the One who tells the wind when and where to blow. How about you? Let’s do it!

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If you haven’t already grabbed my book Journaling for Discovery and Delight – what are you waiting for? Now that is an endorsement!  I’m fully endorsing myself! Ha!

Have a beautiful and blustery March, friends!




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2 thoughts on “The Winds of March Bring Change

  1. Dawn- Thank you for your encouragement and shared journey…I have wandered away from a regular practice of praising God…this post is helping me to get back on the path and to slow down my pace…February was a frantic freight train fraught with fun and fulfillment, but I am glad to slowly meander into March. Love and hugs-Kel

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    1. KEL!!! I am so sorry my friend…I hope we can catch up soon…I am so thankful for the presence of the Holy Spirit to keep us…in all seasons, and leading us into praising Him anew in His time..


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