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I received a unique and wonderful gift this Christmas season from a fellow planner and journal loving friend. She said she wanted me to have it because of a reference I made in one of my YouTube videos. 

The beautiful wooden statue is hand-carved from a tree in the Holy Land. It is an exquisite piece and it came at a perfect time. The time of year when we consider all that has been and all that will come,  a time of reflection, gratitude, and hope. A time when many ponder planting seeds, rooting or taking flight for a new year.

As I contemplate approaching 2018, I think it is good to remember those who have influenced my character, my approach to life and my understanding of it. One such impactful person is a woman I never met but through her life and testimony she has made herself known to me, and in doing so has become a significant part of my faith history.

I have actually written about this topic a number of times now…and as part of my thank you to Mary, the friend who sent this gift, I wanted to gather together the different ways I have shared the story of the Samaritan Woman and me in one post.

First of all, when I had the opportunity to write my very first Guest Post on another blog, I wrote about her. The Blog Post I wrote was titled, “I Am That Woman”.

The next opportunity I had to share was for a blog called Faith and Testimony when I was asked if I would share my testimony; I said yes. Of course. It was the year my One Word was Redeemed. So I revisited my story once more, and told it again, a little bit braver. It was called “I am Redeemed”.

Finally, when asked what I have learned from women in the Bible, her testimony rang out once more in this interview for The Far Above Rubies Collection: Three Things We Can Learn From The Women of The Bible. 

You see, her testimony continues on…and we are connected for all time and eternity.

I wonder, as we say goodbye to another year and consider our days, are we sharing who Jesus is enough with others, that we might influence and impact them for time and eternity?

If I am remembered, for one thing, I want it to be something worth remembering. If I can do only one thing in this good earth I stand upon in time, I pray it is impacting and influencing another towards the One who has had the most impact, influence on me, my Redeemer and Lord, Jesus the Christ. Maybe then, as the Woman of Sychar, who met Jesus at the well on that fateful day in 27 AD, I too will have a testimony that lives on to tell another day.

Special thanks to Mary for allowing me the opportunity to consider once more the story I never tire of telling. 


This is the bottom of the wooden statue. Incredible! 


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  1. Thank you, Dawn, for this post. Although our “God-language” might not be exactly the same (I’m not an Evangelical, for example), I understand your language and am at one with the meaning.

    Thank you also for showing the bottom of the statue – you “opened my eyes” because I’d either not really “looked” at the bottom or, if I did, I’d not “seen” the rings from the olive tree. A lesson in not really looking and seeing the depth in everything.

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