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Hello! I know I am almost a week late in this post- which was supposed to go up Saturday- I apologize and ask for MORE grace and thank you for it! But, today I offer you a poem. Not just any poem, but a story I have rewritten so many times now, I am surprised I can still breathe new life into it…ah, but then again, why SHOULD that surprise me? The Author of this story ultimately IS Spirit...and able to breathe new life to old things, even bring dead things to life! It is but a small miracle, but a miracle no less that this story continues to be told ANEW- many years after it became my own.

I have taken John Chapter 4 and from an original devotional piece I wrote, which has been told and shared in different ways over the years (by me) transformed it into a poem. Since it’s National Poetry Month – HOORAY! – and I have wanted to change it into poem form for awhile, well it’s perfect timing – even though 5 days late for our journey!


Also I would love to know how you are doing with Journaling with John – I will be back Saturday but let me know in the comments!

I hope you enjoy this poem as we Revisit the Samaritan Woman…

If you have any thoughts, suggestions on the form or content, or feedback I am open to it!




Living Water 


He purposed to be there that day…

once more, this man defied the plans

the students had for their teacher


shaking their heads in disbelief,

they looked upon Samaria,

a place despised by their people


Jesus led them there showing,

once more, the ways of the Father

are not the ways of the children


So off they went to get food …but Jesus stayed behind.

There she stood, alone, by Jacob’s well, midday

avoiding the busier times of morning and late afternoon


She knew exactly when to draw water from this well

to avoid the abrasive remarks, cutting stares

and uncomfortable confrontations


Yet she could not avoid this one appointment

with destiny at the hands of the pursuing, loving

and everlasting reach purposed for her that day


Looking upon her with gentle eyes, she was embraced

without a touch, to her, it seemed this man could

see into her very soul…


She knew he was a prophet, but learned he was much more

he spoke words of acceptance, grace and truth-

offering Living Water to quench her thirst


Spiritual renewal, refreshment and life eternal

came to the woman at the well that day as

Messiah revealed himself to her


The invitation stands today…

Jesus offers the truth of His living water

to the lowly, despised and forgotten


to all who long for truth, sincerely-

without regard for station

He makes a way to meet us where we are


whether on the beaten path or the well hid road

Jesus “had to go through Samaria”…

Is it any wonder why?




Thanks for reading! Happy National Poetry Month!


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3 thoughts on “Living Water

  1. What a wonderful poem on the Samaritan woman, Dawn…there’s hope for us because Jesus meets us where we are. He knows us, loves us anyway, and his spirit transforms us! Well, I haven’t read John 5 yet…so you’re not late at all 🙂


  2. “…able to breathe new life to old things, even bring dead things to life!”

    So much amen to this!

    I love that he meant to go there. He went on purpose to her for her. He went to her well.


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