What is Planner Boot Camp?



I’ve procrastinated long enough…for better AND worse, you are hereby invited to join us for the 3rd Annual Planner Boot Camp!

So here is a brief summary of what this is all about.

What is Planner Boot Camp?

PBC  started out as a 3 week exploration and exercise to seek  optimal planning practices to put in place for those who desire to fine tune and filter how they use a calendar or planner leading to successful application of learned strategies. Phew. Or something like that. 

For the 3rd Official Planner Boot Camp starting on January 22, 2016  the duration  will be increased to 4 weeks. The first week will focus on exercises to facilitate setting Visions and Intentions  (i.e. Goals) for the days ahead – or new year- as the case may be.

Why should I sign up for PBC?

A. You love planners. In fact planning  and/or decorating your planner(s) is ALL you get around to doing.

B. You think that the word GOAL is something to do with Hockey or Soccer, since you hear your child’s coach refer to it at games regularly.

C. You don’t remember who you were and what you wanted to do with your lifebefore/after (add your own): parenthood, marriage, college, Obama took office, your last career, divorce, your last trip to the mall…you get the picture.

D. What the hell is a planner?

E. You love Aurora. If you know who Aurora is you probably were already going to sign up for PBC.

F. You are a Planner Tramp. You know who you are, and your cheeks flushed red when you read that. It’s OK. Really.

What do I need?

Either a blank notebook, loose leaf paper or a section/tab in your current planner. I have used a composition notebook. Hear me now: YOU DO NOT NEED ANOTHER PLANNER for PBC! Use what you have…go on and rummage through your draws or closet. You know exactly what I am implying.

What can I expect?

The first PBC was in January 2015 and the 2nd was in November 2015. We had a “Reboot” to follow up. I had intended on having the next Boot Camp in Spring 2016, but my mom’s cancer journey took precedence in my life, as it should have done.

The first PBC was a bit stringent. The second was a bit more lenient. Although Boot Camp implies INTENSITY over a SPECIFIC somewhat short period of time, I want to make this as inclusive as possible. That being said, HELLO-  IT IS BOOT CAMP! If it does not whip some kind of change into you why bother? May as well, just go sit in front of You Tube, eating Bon-Bons watching Jonathon Rush’s latest video whining because the dog/cat/husband/whomever MISPLACED the remote…AGAIN.

I will figure it out, and let you know when the time comes. Your mission…if you choose to accept it is to put your credit card away and stay out of the stationary/office supply store until further notice. Sorry to all of those whose bottom line will be impacted during this PBC. We  have given you enough money already anyway. We will see you soon.

*Those who do complete PBC will receive a Graduation Certificate (from yours truly), be named on the “official” PBC 3rd class graduation list, and be able to participate in a special Planner Goody Package Giveaway. Whoohoo and Hooray!

Plus, you get bragging rights: “I participated in Planner Boot Camp and lived to tell…” HA!

Should I be afraid?

Yes, be very afraid.

OK, no. This is just a fun experiment we will do together and hopefully gain a few habits, friends for the journey and increased focus for our own particular path.

 How do I “sign up”?

*I will be posting another Blog Post for these details. So stay tuned, say a prayer for me, cross your fingers and click your heels while repeating “There’s no place like home, ther’s no place like home”.


Get your Notebook, watch my You Tube Videos, Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and maybe go have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Because, they are good to have once in a while. Or do ten push ups, ten squats and ten sit ups. Or do both. Not in that order. Actually you do not have to do any of these. I’m getting soft in my old age.

Leave any other Questions, Comments or other feedback below….

May the odds be ever in your favor, May the Force be with you and may you never let go of the Ring…until you get to Mordor. Naturally.


For MORE on Planner Boot Camp: The Unanticipated Journey and Roots of Planner Boot Camp

For the 31 Day Planning with Purpose Series (which will give you a leg up on the journey): Introducing Planning with Purpose: 31 Days of Planner Tips – October 1-31

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8 thoughts on “What is Planner Boot Camp?

  1. Yay! I’m so excited. Me, pick me!! I need a good kick in the backside…. and I love Aurora so therefore I must participate!!!


  2. I LOVE Planners… I LOVE Aurora… I LOVE playing and decorating in my planner(s)… and I go weak in the knees at the very whiff of a stationery store (washi? did I smell washi?)… I haven’t been very disciplined at Boot Camps past… but by golly perhaps the third time will be a charm…

    Merry Christmas to you and Aurora, Dawn! 🙂


  3. Cant wait lol ! Hi Aurora!! I like my planner/s “thick and chunky and big and full of stuff that I have no idea why I need it ” lol Course the one I really use is none of that but I do love pictures of those types of planners! ❤ and No I do not have a problem 🙂 Just sayin'……


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