How To Celebrate Your Birthday Every Day and a Giveaway!




I’m sitting here at my desk on the eve before my 52nd birthday listening  to the crickets as they chirp, chirp, chirp…the hum of cars occasionally overriding their Summer symphony. I’m struggling for words as I sit here and hope to somehow encapsulate in a blog post my honest to God thoughts about the title I have chosen. I feel like a foreigner, in my own office tonight. Every routine I held dear in the past has been tossed into an irretrievable folder and filed in the archives of my personal history. This year: 2016…the year I  felt led to the word “Revelation“…and am still trying to find answers to questions that are yet to be revealed.

Yet, in this crazy season for me personally, and beyond…I find great comfort in the moments I have been given. In each minuscule second…in each breath. Despite the losses, setbacks, sadness and sufferings witnessed- there is cause to celebrate. To live and accept the gift of right now. Perhaps, if ever, a time to be present without fail with every ounce of attention one can muster.

If you want to know how I believe you can celebrate your birthday every day, it’s simple. It’s by giving yourself away bit by bit until there is nothing left at all. 

And in that great nothingness is incredible joy and freedom. In that place of emptiness is supreme satisfaction and contentment.

To be lost completely in the giving of oneself to something apart from self is something that does not come naturally , or easily. Or without cost. I wonder if it is possible at all without God.

I’m not there yet, friends… I’m still  learning this great lesson of Love.  I am on the path, and I am following the One who guides my way. My baggage is getting lighter, and He’s offered to carry all for me. But, I still have a long way to go, and sometimes I clutch tightly to the bags I need to release. My Guide is patient, for that I am grateful. He’s walking me home and is a Keeper of Promises.

I know, I know – you are thinking, Dawn get to the Giveaway…enough with the heavy stuff!


Well, you will have to come back tomorrow to  find out about the Giveaway.


I will give you four hints in riddle form-for the four gifts to be given to one lucky recipient:

One will bring the gift of wisdom, it is alive and active

One will be a companion for the journey, encouraging and practical

One is a keeper of dreams, thoughts, prayers insights-a sunrise

One is an offering of beauty , a stone reminder


Please SHARE this post and come back tomorrow for the Giveaway Details!

Celebrate with me! 

Updated: 8/24/16 Here is the link for the Giveaway! 



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6 thoughts on “How To Celebrate Your Birthday Every Day and a Giveaway!

  1. Dawn, I love the heavy stuff. We seem to think a little alike (you’re better at writing and explaining). I find myself in the process of self discovery which leads me to knowing in my soul that I need more than anything to love more, give more, certainly pray more and less thinking about the selfish me. I’ve done plenty of soul searching but deep down I’m still plagued with a heart that needs more cleaning out. Thank you for allowing us to journey with you and for all of your encouraging words. I’m in the 50 club now and things certainly change when you become “Of a certain age).

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    1. Oh, you are not alone- and we are not alone in the needing cleaning out from within! Thanks for commenting tonight, I am up with half closed eyes typing away….but it is good to know we travel not alone my friend…”plagued with a heart that needs more cleaning out”…that says it so well! THankful He who is in us is greater than our hearts! 1 John 3:20. Sweet dreams!


  2. Well, first…happy birthday fellow Virgo! Today is the eve of MY 65th birthday and I guess you could say I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting too! Living this journey I am on…trying to understand a disease that is not understandable, nor is the one who has it…I sometimes – many times – get confused and depressed and sad and…lazy and selfish fit in there somewhere too!

    Yet, I try; but not hard enough I fear. I lean on God; yet I don’t…I don’t really call on Him until I’ve blundered so hard that I am in tears and don’t even know which way to turn, never mind what to say to Him; and it’s usually when I am lying in bed, tired and ready for sleep, and end up falling asleep in the midst of my prayer…

    But, still I journey on and reflect on His words and the words that I hear or read; the words that encourage me to continue on this journey, knowing that I am not alone!

    Thank you for YOUR words; they too encourage!! I pray you have an awesome day for your birthday…enjoy the birds singing and all the sounds of the ocean and the breezes and all that surrounds you in this world. And enjoy your loved ones and those who care and surround you in your celebrating!! Hugs to you, my friend!

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