Revelation 2016


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So, 2016 has begun to unfold itself before us. We await what is to be, usher in hope, make promises, and expect new things. We cling to the good at the beginning of the year even as life continues to deliver realities which leave us wondering.

With the end of 2015 and the start of 2016, I find myself sober, quiet, still. My Spirit and Soul have been ruminating for months as I process all that has been accomplished, all that remains undone. As I consider again, and again what matters most, least, and still least of all, and how sometimes I have failed to remember the difference.

Whatever remains undone for 2015 needs to be sifted through the hands of my Master before I dare carry it further. Refined by his fire and the start of a new season, I have heightened sensitivity to the unseen realm and loss of appetite for what is seen. This work needs to continue within, as I release my grip on some good things. Some things I love and enjoy.

I sense the Lord gently nudging me to let go. Pick up. Keep. Go further here, stop going there. Release that completely.

As a child walks the beach bending to pick up shells of their own choosing, indiscriminately, until Father or Mother helps them choose the best, and discard the rest, so I am in this new season. 

He is leading me in new directions and I cannot see too far down the road. This is not my preference. I like the Map, Itinerary, and Advanced Booking. I like to know where I will be and when. I like my ducks lined up, and accomplishments too, and doesn’t the world applaud this exact outcome, wildly? Go, Do, Achieve! But, my God is calling me away from this focus.

What does it mean?

I have no idea.

I only know I need to trust and follow His lead, though it lead me into unknown places.

Knowing Him, gives me courage, increases my confidence, draws me to lonely places without acclaim and applause to light the way…

But, right into something I sense is immeasurably better…

His presence. 

Friends, I hope you will join me when I share how I came to my One Word revelation, which is interestingly enough, Revelation, in an upcoming post. For now, I will whet your appetite with  a poem I wrote.

Revelation 2016



From where I sit I see the ocean

Feel the weight of the world

or so I think.

Can’t fathom where all of this is leading,

Feels like we are all teetering

closer to the brink…


There’s blood on the streets…

Crying out

There’s blood in the sea…crying out

There’s blood on my hands…

Lord have mercy-

Not one of us understands.


I can’t see you here from

where I stand-

Can’t hold heaven in my hand.

I’m sinking Lord,


Is this in your plan?

I’ve been holding out for that Promised Land.


There’s war across the water,

It’s knocking on our door

I don’t believe

we can hide anymore…


Our brethren

are dying

On every side-

Your Truth is oppressed,

these Worlds  do collide


And I’m on the shore

Watching the tide

Sunrise, moonlight

Stars in the night…


I’m looking for you at every turn,

Wondering how long

Before we crash and burn


Give me revelation,

I ask my lord,

I’m desperate for you and

Can ill afford

Withholding of grace

I ask for more


Trusting in the blood

That is Holy and sure…


Trusting in the

Love that never fails

Sailing the ship

that’s sure to sail,

Secure at sea or safely docked

The Captain of which can

never be rocked.


He stills the waters

Calms the seas,

Master of all

Your destiny,

Receive Him now

with bended knee.


Worship Him

This gracious Lamb

Worship Him

The Great I AM

Worship Him

Father, Son

His Holy Spirit

The Only One

Living God,

Faithful Son,

Promised Savior

Christ the King…

Worship Him now,

His Hope does bring,

Freedom, Peace and Joy complete.

With this God,

None can compete.


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My One Word for 2015: Redeemed

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Dawn Paoletta is the author of Journaling for Discovery and Delight. Her writing is included in several anthologies and her poems have been included in the Wickford Poetry and Art Exhibit and Books. Dawn is currently working on her next book. Inquiries at

11 thoughts on “Revelation 2016

  1. Blessings, Dawn! Yes–my heart echoes yours with the pain and anguish for a world on a collision course with . . . with . . . well–God! One way or another–every knee will bow and tongue confess He is Lord! I, like you, will choose to do it gleefully in the here and now in His presence with my words and the works of my hands. I learned something mind-shifting the day after Christmas. Only when I was able to confess and embrace that unexpected truth, was I able to hear my word for 2016. Part one on that journey is on The Writer’s Reverie this week–the big reveal for 2016 and my focus for the year is coming next week. Oh! God is sooooo good!

    But . . . He is not a tame Lion . . .



  2. Dawn- I will be peeking over here often to see what God reveals to you and to me and to the audience at large…love how you wait for Him, and pour out your heart for Him in words…your poem sounded like a trumpet call to me! You are rallying the troops to His Saving Presence! Love and hugs-Kel


  3. You are sooo inspiring, with your prose and poetry!!! If I have learned ANYTHING this year, it has been TRUST in God. So, I guess that is my word, trying not to steer God and his will for me…but Trust him…he has shown me so many things this year, the mercy of taking my husband into the heavens, the knowledge that he is with God, and I WILL see him again. Our love didn’t die….it grew. My life has changed so dramatically, from 10 months ago. I am on a new path, one God made for me. ::-)

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