Rewriting Scripture (Prompt 6/21)

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Well, here it is already 11:05 PM and I am slipping this post in under the wire and thinking how glad I am that you all have the PDF and so it is a lot less stressful knowing you aren’t all waiting for me to throw that prompt out tonight! Sorry for a delayed post today, but tomorrow I will be back to posting by Noon-ish!

Yesterday I had a coffee shop meet up for journaling and decided I would also do a Periscope Journaling event in the evening. I am considering doing this weekly. Perhaps Sunday or Monday night. How would you like a live journaling on the beach time? Or perhaps you might join me via Periscope at one of my favorite secret journal spots for an impromptu journal session! Maybe you’d like to join me for some journaling inspiration and if so, I invite you to follow along! I honestly never know what will be next…but it will be adventurous…possibly silly and definitely enjoyable! My Social Media handles are listed at the end of teach post.

Meanwhile tonight’s (today seems…um… passe, yes? ) prompt is one of my favorites as I like to dwell long in Scripture. You might say I draw and awful lot of inspiration from the well of Living Water flowing in that Book!

Hope you enjoyed it if you gave it a try…if not let’s get to it! I’ll be writing after I publish and share this post!

Here it is:

One of the most powerful things I have done is to rewrite God’s word into prayers in my journal. I often will write different versions of the same verse as it speaks to me in time. But just as we are taught in school to articulate in our own words something we have read or learned, it can be helpful to apply this to our Scripture reading. It can be an exhilarating and exciting endeavor to rewrite scripture as  we reflect on it prayerfully. The Word of God is living, active and powerful (Hebrews 4:12). God is able to speak to us though His Word. I’m not saying twist the meaning into something it isn’t but instead just allow it to lead you deeper. So often we rush through familiar passages. We don’t savor and allow the words to linger on our palate. But as we taste, we will surely find the Lord’s goodness….

Prompt 6:

Rewite The Lord’s Prayer or Psalm 23 in a way that makes it personal and powerful to you. Enter into Scripture and see where it leads as you do this exercise. Linger over each verse and ask God to speak to your heart.


1. Take any passage or chapter of Scripture that you feel you want to meditate on, read it, reflect on it and rewrite it in your own words.

2. Rewrite a passage, verse, or verses into a prayer, poem or song. (I experimented with a combination of prayer and poetry using Isaiah 40:28-31 HERE)


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