Lists, Lists, Lists (Prompt 5/21)

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“The list is the origin of culture. It’s part of the history of art and literature. What does culture want? To make infinity comprehensible. It also wants to create order.” Umberto Eco

Here we are on our 21 Days of Journaling in July Journey and I hope you are discovering new paths, exploring new terrain and moving out of your comfort zone along the way.

I made a quick video Sunday Morning, you can view it here on You Tube.

Are you keeping up?

I accidentally omitted prompt 5 from the original PDF file but you can download it at the 21 Days of Journaling in July page.

I have a couple of local coffee shop Journaling meet ups and may broadcast live via Periscope over the next two weeks. They are usually in the mornings between 9-11.

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Happy Journaling!

Whether To Do or Bucket, whatever you prefer calling the exercise of list making, we are a people of many lists. We make lists for the grocery store, and for our day. Some of us love them and live by them, others abhor them, but I bet most of us use them in one capacity or another.

Prompt 5:

Today’s Prompt is to go at it and make a list of things you’d like to try, do or learn. List as many things you can think of, even if the possibility seems unlikely. Make it like a Bucket List on Steroids. Write every single thing that pops into your head and don’t discriminate. Just list those ideas as they come.

*Feel free to respond with images from magazines or sketches if you feel inspired to do so. Or add them after you have made your list.


Read the quote below and journal your own thoughtful response to Mr. Eco’s assertion:

“We have a limit, a very discouraging, humiliating limit: death. That’s why we like all the things that we assume have no limits and, therefore, no end. It’s a way of escaping thoughts about death. We like lists because we don’t want to die.” Umberto Eco


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3 thoughts on “Lists, Lists, Lists (Prompt 5/21)

  1. Cool time at Periscope! It was my first time going to a live event! You were wonderful…loved the fortune cookie prompts! Lots of duality in the prompts, which led to good contemplation!


  2. Yay I hope you do more Periscope so I can join in as if there! love it Dawn! I really feel a part of something! I am enjoying this journey with you all. I missed the fortune cookie one I tried to view it like 5 times but my net kept going out… I hope if it’s still there I can still watch!

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    1. Hi Suzie! It will be there! I also am going to do a live Facebook one…but I know you are no on that…however….I am considering doing journaling weekly – once a week on Periscope…then I might be able to also add to You Tube…So stay tuned!


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