Music that Ministers

photo credit: La la la!!! 8/52 via photopin (license)
photo credit: La la la!!! 8/52 via photopin (license)



I love music. Any kind of music. I love, I love, I love, I love music…I hope the O’ Jays don’t mind, because their words are still swimming in my mind after all this time!


I hope you get the message. I do enjoy listening to music, and worshiping God through singing. Even some of my poems come to me as songs. However, I am not musically inclined in the sense of reading music notes nor do I understand the subtleties of music composition .  What I do know is this: I like what I like!

I generally tend to be a word lover though my music preferences are mostly wordless. I prefer Classical and Jazz because they both enhance  my thinking without competing with it, or crowding it with messages I don’t need. However, I enjoy a variety of genres at different times – none I enjoy more than Christmas Music…which is to say, that there is a whole lot of genres even within that one category  of music. Today’s prompt can go any way you want; with such a variety of music available you may as well rock around the Christmas tree, and jingle   journal all the way!

Pour the cocoa, and don’t forget the whipped cream…

Your Prompt (s) for Today:

What is your favorite Christmas song?  What feelings and memories does it  evoke?  Is the music connected to a story, character, play, program, or specific to history?


Journaling Suggestions and Support:


Run, Run, Rudolph: Since your writing is timed, hone in on the details- be descriptive! Take a snapshot with words.


Travelling Light: Write out the lyrics of your favorite Christmas song in your journal. Listen to the song if it is available and describe what it is that comes to your mind as you read the words.


Springboard off of a line that jumps out at you, and see where it leads..


Going Deeper:  Going deeper is always about the why behind the what. Listen to the song, linger with the lyrics…if it is a light and fun song- capture the details of how it came to be your favorite song. One of my favorite songs is attached to a very strong memory of me alone in my bedroom acting out the song. I do not want to share details as I want these prompts to be very open for you to hear clearly from within. Find out the background of the song you love with a Google search. I have a wonderful book called Our Favorite Carols which tells the back-story behind the songs. I really enjoy this, especially perhaps as one who writes poetry myself. But I believe all people are drawn to stories. Even lighthearted, festive songs sometimes have surprising circumstances from which they were born!


Christmas Creatives:  So many ways to go, from tearing or cutting  words out of magazines for collage to sketching the imagery that comes to mind. I trust my creative friends are way ahead of me!


Feel free to combine, add, or alter as suits you! What matters most is that you put the pen to paper and join in the journey!


This post is part of the 12 Days of Christmas – Journaling Prompts for the Season.

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  1. I am really enjoying your prompts, and especially this music one. I had a wonderful time journalling and praying with Silent Night.

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