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Depending on how you feel about that four letter word: S-N-O-W, you will either look forward to the possibility of it, or dread it, coming for Christmas. Maybe you dread it coming at ll. Or maybe, just maybe, you are a snow lover like me…then you wait with great anticipation for the first snow, hoping, that maybe a few flakes will appear for Christmas. What is it that makes snow magical for some and a nightmare for others?

Well, that’s what we’ll be writing about…oh and for my Snow Birds and Haters, well- fear not…I’ve got something for you too!

Your Prompt (s) for Today:

*I suggest you read through all of the post before journaling!


Think back to Christmas’  past and journal about a time you did have a White Christmas and what happened.


Write about your affinity for snow and any memories you have associated with snow that gets your pen moving (fingers typing).  If  you’re stuck: a snowball fight to remember, favorite childhood snow memory, The Blizzard.


Write in detail about how you will escape Old Man Winter and have your dream vacation to the Bahamas or any other place you’d like to visit. Please be extremely descriptive. If you hate snow, let your mind be a sleigh that carries you off on a tropical adventure. Let it be a sleigh full of Calgon- and you can say “”Calgon, take me away!” all the way to your destination …now off you go! Feel free to go wherever the Calgon leads, fiction, non-ficion,  or  creative combination!


Journaling Suggestions and Support:

Run, Run, Rudolph:  Stick with one theme or memory and go, go, go!

Travelling Light: Pull on all your senses as you focus on a snowy memory. Fill in the details…smells, sounds, sights, touch. What stands out most?

Going Deeper I read that Irving Berlin wrote White Christmas as a response to the loss of a child. Not all Christmas memories are happy ones, and often the holidays can trigger buried emotions and connections to past events that may have occurred during the season. Journaling can help by drawing out dark or sad connections  allowing perspective and healing in present day light. Sometimes we can reframe things with our writing to release the past and move into the future with fresh insight. This takes courage, don’t push, but do be brave. Things look different as we grow, mature, change over time. There is beauty and freedom in letting go of long held (sometimes limited) beliefs and perspectives as our perception of circumstances changes.

Christmas Creatives:  Use something white and snow like in whatever you create; How about a play on the extremes of snow and tropics? Or if you like the imagery of the classic movie “White Christmas”  (or the song), perhaps integrate images or lyrics into whatever you create…hey, I know you are creative, so why I am I telling you what to do…you are way ahead of me!

*A little bit of background about Irving Berlin’s White Christmas 


 Have fun! Enjoy the journey…take the prompt and make it your own. You have permission to do ANYTHING! Including going to the Bahamas!


Photo Credits: Palm Tree Image: (license); Christmas Tree Image: (license)

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