Isn’t There Anyone Who Knows What Christmas Is All About?

photo credit: Lucy and Schroeder via photopin (license)
photo credit: Lucy and Schroeder via photopin (license)

We come to the season that dazzles, sparkles, delights and… distracts. Ultimately, we know the reason for the season. But, how hard to keep the reason for the season central in our hearts? I am a fan of Peanuts. I don’t know many who aren’t. One of the simplest, clearest  presentations of the Gospel, has slipped right into the living rooms of the masses since 1965. I like that fact a lot. The day Linus’ lines are eliminated from public television will be a dark day, indeed.

In the meantime let’s enjoy the freedom we have to hear and share the same good news! Remember, take the prompt and let the prompt take you where it will. You might just be pleasantly surprised! Choose from the many options below, and use what seems good to you!

Your Prompt (s) for Today:

 *Answer the question ” What is Christmas all about?” in your journal, in your own words. Linus does well in heeding the Scripture which says we ought  “always to be prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect.” But, also I would let the writing be from your core…wrestle with the question a bit.
Reflect and Respond:
Scripture from Peanuts Special: Luke 2:8-14
Quote: “Why do people little and people big, people skinny and people fat, people dark and people light, people who eat meat and people who only grub down vegetables, why do so many of all kinds of people love Charlie Brown? Is it because the small world he lives in is actually big enough for us all to recognize?” ~Stanley Crouch  for Wynton and Ellis Marsalis’ Joe Cool’s Blues CD sleeve (Yes, you should buy a copy).

Journaling Suggestions and Support:

Run, Run, Rudolph:  Tackle the quote or Charlie Brown’s question head on. If you feel stuck, try pondering, what Christmas is not about, affirm what and why Christmas is all about to YOU. Read the additional prompts below if you prefer and then set the timer, GO!
Travelling Light: Read and respond to the quote. OR If you enjoyed (or still enjoy, as I do) Peanuts Specials for the holidays, reminisce and recall details of watching…who were you with, why you loved it, why you didn’t etc.
Going Deeper: How can we keep the meaning of Christmas alive in different seasons of our lives, as we face various circumstances? Be specific:  How do we do this when we are lonely, facing tragedy, missing loved ones who’ve died. How have you done it before, how will you do it now?
Christmas Creatives: Draw, doodle, collage, sketch whatever the Peanuts Christmas muse inspires you to do. Snoopy is my fave! Perhaps include elements of the holy, with the childlike sweetness and simplicity of the characters. Hmmm…
You can see a Peanuts inspired journal I made for fun: Composition Peanuts Notebook on You Tube.
 Hoping I’ve whet your journaling appetite today.

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