So, This is Christmas… (12 Days of Christmas Journaling Prompts for the Season)

photo credit: The Snowstorm via photopin (license)
photo credit: The Snowstorm via photopin (license)

Welcome to the first day of Journaling Prompts for the Season! 

Are you ready to write, ponder, reflect, and create? Summon your muse, let us begin…

I suggest you read the whole post first prior to your journaling time. Let me know if you have any questions.

Christmas goes back a long way…my World Book Encyclopedia says it goes all the way back to 336 AD in the early Roman calendar. Although it is a Christian holiday, people all over the world celebrate or acknowledge it in many ways. Since this is the first day we are starting our Journaling Journey here, we will keep it straightforward and simple.

Choose one question, or all.

Your Prompt (s) for Today:

When you think of Christmas what comes to your mind? 

* Brainstorm it by writing a list of every single thought that pops into your head. Don’t pause, just keep going.

*Write about the Christmas you plan to have this year. Who will you spend time with? Who do you want to spend the most time with? What would you like it to look like?

*What are your favorite aspects of the Christmas Season? (Going Deeper: Why?)

*What are your least favorite parts of the Christmas Season? (Going Deeper: Why?)

First things First: Yes, you CAN do this. Put on your Santa pants and stop worrying. There is something for everyone. At least I think so! Here are some options for the journey in how you approach the Blank Page.

Also, for me, Journaling is a place of soul baring. Um, I don’t get naked with everyone, and I don’t write for others. Your journal is a place of intimacy between you and you, you and God, and you and the blank page alone. Don’t write for me, or anyone else. My best piece of advice for anyone is that you write naked. It will get easier, I promise. But don’t write thinking about who will see it…unless that someone is God, because He sees all anyway. And as far as God goes, there is grace for the good , bad and ugly. He knows your thoughts anyway- He is not shocked by what you write or don’t write. So just get over the fear of it all. Just Get Naked. In writing. If you want to really write naked, um…that is awkward and I don’t want  to know. Go ahead if you must, I just don’t need to know. 😉

Run, Run, Rudolph– This quick option is for those of you pressed for time, or intimidated by the blank page. Or just for fun and consistency. You will write for 7 minutes using a timer. At 7 minutes stop. Congratulations-you are finished. Go have some eggnog, and celebrate.

Travelling Light or Going Deeper – I want to say this… there will be options along the journey and you can opt out or adjust. Rules are made for breaking, right? The holidays are not always happy for everyone all the time. For some, they may be a bit like walking through minefields.

The reality is your journal writing does not always need to be all sugar plums and candy. Some days you might want to travel light with the prompt…that’s ok. You might not be ready to journal deeper about the particular subject. BUT, if you do feel ready, be brave- the pen and paper combined with the presence of God are a powerful combination which do bring gifts of insight, self-revelation, personal growth and soul nourishment.

Journaling is about tuning in to what your soul needs…no one can dictate this for you. 

 Travelling Light allows us the opportunity to write, but will be like a sleigh ride on a snow day- merry and bright.

Going Deeper is for those who are ready to journal through potentially painful or tender memories. Please, proceed with caution, but also be ready to reach out to a trusted friend or family member if needed.

Christmas Creatives – What about you who doodle, and draw, collage and paint? Those who write words and cut, glue, copy, paste, practice calligraphy? What about image lovers, poets, musicians, and sketchers? I trust you will have at it as suits you! As one wise advertising agency suggested, “Just Do It”!

I give you permission to listen and follow your own leading. Now, go ahead and more importantly give yourself permission!

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5 thoughts on “So, This is Christmas… (12 Days of Christmas Journaling Prompts for the Season)

  1. I’m a wee bit late in beginning this journaling journey you have for us–better late than not at all.
    One of my distinct memories of a Christmas past was when I bought a diary, wrapped it, put a tag on it, that I wrote ‘to Onita, from Santa’. Of course, my mom know who it was from, with my grade-school writing, but she acted surprised nevertheless.


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