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Finding time to read is important to me. I am not the fastest reader, I tend to languidly go along. reading and re-reading what is significant to me. Some books encourage this, others don’t- but the one I am reading now, by Laura Boggess invites it wholeheartedly. Playdates with God: Having a childlike Faith in a grown-up World is like recess to my elementary school heart. Who wants recess to end, right?

Only,  as we make our way through Middle School’s awkwardness and hurry through the High School years, we discover that life has changed us from free-spirited children to “responsible adults” when we were hardly aware. In a blink we leave behind childish things, and soon find our days full. Full of worries, obligations, workdays and endless lists. Lists of who we need to be, what we need to do and all the stuff that wearies a soul into numbness. But nonetheless. the stuff we believe life requires.

I have followed Laura Boggess for a few years now. Laura shares and encourages Playdates with God and hosts a link up weekly to that end. The way Laura weaves together the psychological, philosophical and spiritual aspects of life so gently, practically, yet simply is intoxicating. Some people can invite you into God’s presence and stillness by just being themselves…maybe that is His desire. Either way, this book is an invitation into enjoying the God who is Joy, is Love, is Holy, and Good- and who is FUN! God is not a killjoy…I know C.S. Lewis said something like that, but perhaps we start to believe He is as we age. Maybe we don’t say it out loud. We plan, we produce, we procreate and we forget who God really is in the process. Who we remember Him to be from the days when He was exciting and real to our childlike faith. This book is a wake up call to the wonders of a God who waits for us to enjoy Him. In the middle of our grown up days he longs to play with us…? Ask Laura, who in Chapter 1 feels God nudging her to jump on her neighbors trampoline!

Today, I want to share a couple of my favorite quotes from the book, so far from Chapter 3: When You Can’t Find The Rhythm. Planner peeps, you will see why these spoke to my little To Do List Heart. See them below.

Next week, Laura will be here to share a special Guest Post for our playdate hungry hearts and I know we will be blessed. Put that in your Planner!

The sweetest thing about planning our days with purpose, is that we can take a step back and discover the beauty that God never intends for us to miss at all. We can make our To Do’s. But, just focusing on them won’t help us remember what really matters but  only what we need to do. Relationships matter. God matters. Perspective matters. Let’s continue this journey, letting God lead us, each day into lives that keep us free enough to make our own Playdate with God.


A Practical Tip: Have you ever had a “playdate” with God? Before you hit the ground running, take a few moments to invite God into your planning. Do you feel like your To Do’s are too bossy? Perhaps you need to schedule a playdate with God. Can you remember a time when God showed himself to be playful or humorous in a personal way that exposed your childlike faith and drew you closer to Him?  My quiet times tend to be quite diverse. Sometimes I just sit, sometimes I hear God whisper, “Get off your duff, let’s go walk the beach, I want to talk to you today and you’re ignoring me with your Bible open! ” No joke. Our God is awake to us, and our needs- especially our child like faith needs. Make a date with God (I have a post coming about something God did with one specific playdate coming soon!)…let Him shake up your Quiet Time.

Quotes to Ponder for Planners from Playdates with God by Laura Boggess:  “See the trouble with lists is that sometimes-in the checking off of the items- I lose track of the meaning. The finishing of the list becomes the focus. It doesn’t take long for me to forget the reasons I started the list. The items or events on the list are diminished- they become simply another item to complete. I lose the hope of a reach experience in the doing. I lose the power of recognizing God in each action.When the list becomes my anchor- I am making it a god. I am doing what Scripture tells me not to do- I am making an idol. ”

“Remembering well is important in relationships. It’s important in my relationship with God, too.”

“But my lists don’t encourage remembering. As soon as I check an item off…it’s gone. I forget. When I move through my lists in a state of forgetfulness, it becomes less about what God can do and more about me. About what I can do. And I am tempted to hold that list up as evidence of my greatness. It becomes an idol. ”

“When I make an idol of the list, not only do I forget what God has done for me, but I stop dreaming about what He wants to do through me.”

“So here’s the deal. If you want to be productive, let list lead. But if you want to get closer to God? Remember.”

A  Prayer for  Today: Lord, I pray that as I walk through my days I remember what matters most to you. That though I plan and make lists and strive to be all that I can be- even in You, that you love more than all of those things that I would learn to enjoy you and rejoice in your presence. Lord, keep me from idolatry. Let me remember your faithfulness. May my lists show all  the ways that You love me, and the good things you have done. Amen.

If you have a moment to check out the trailer -with Laura!



This is Day 7 of the series Planning with Purpose: 31 Days of Planner Tips

I wrote an INTRO POST here explaining everything!

I have also made designated a PAGE for it. Hope this makes it easy. I am happy to tackle a topic, or issue regarding your planner habits.

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I pray this series is a blessing to you. 



* I am part of the Book Launch Team for Playdates with God and BLESSED to be able to share it!

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7 thoughts on “On Reading, Lists and Playdates

  1. Dawn, thank you for sharing about Playdates with God. It’s been so wonderful having your company on this journey. So grateful for you. Have I said that? A thousand times 🙂


  2. Laura dear,
    What a play-filled joy to see you and Dawn here–two of my favorite God “daters” and daughters! I can’t wait to read your book. I”m definitely a serious kind of person (far too much for my own good), and w/ my perfectionistic personality, I could definitely use a little play. I do date God, but perhaps not in quite the way you are suggesting. I have rendezvous with the Lord when I journal to Him. I like to spice up my dates by going to lovely locations like parks, botanical gardens, sidewalk cafes, and tea rooms (to name some). These are lovely, joy-filled dates, but I wouldn’t necessarily call them playdates. I really need to try that.
    I loved meeting you in person, and you are beautiful inside and out. And I love this video. When was the last time that I swung?! =]
    Love you Laura!


    1. Lynn, you are the kindest friend! Thank you for these encouraging words. I have always been the serious one too, so I understand what you are talking about. That’s why this entire journey has been so surprising and so delightful. We must swing together sometime, you and I. Hugs to you, my friend and much love.


      1. Ha! I love this. Can just picture us in a big swing that will seat two. Maybe we should try a teeter-totter? As a kid, I’d end up midair, as some bored kid would get off and leave me stuck. But I know that you are not the kind of friend who would do that! =] Love you, dearest Laura.


  3. Thank you for sharing this with us what an awesome reminder for a type A person. I hope our library has thus book.


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