Trusting God with our Time (Guest Post by Laura Boggess)


Today is a special day, I am turning my blog place over to the lovely Laura Boggess who has just released her beautiful book Playdates with God- Having a Childlike Faith in a Grown Up World. I shared a bit about that last week in this POST

I am honored to have Laura here so get ready to be blessed…


After class we all went out to grab a bite to eat. The glasses were filled and Patrick wanted salt and our professor ordered scotch and I spilled a glass of ice water on Susan’s lap. It had been a long day—with travel and much sitting and taking of notes and such. But the conversation fed us like bread straight from the oven and the warmth was like a fire that we all held our hands out to.

No one wanted the evening to end.

That’s when Betsy’s eyes found mine across the table and she said softly, “For me, times like these are playdates with God.”

I smiled, nodded silently, and our eyes held right there for an instant.

Can’t every moment be? Isn’t this awakening in my soul about paying attention? I am listening for the God-voice. And when my spirit stirs with the whisper, all I need do is remember to ask, “Shall we?”


He and I.

And this simple asking for accompaniment … this makes life a series of love stories—one great adventure after another.

Because the Divine always comes along when invited. When I plan special time for us to be together, I am filled with anticipation and longing. This is what it means to fall in love—leaving all other thought behind except the Beloved. I hold this Image in my mind, I look forward to time we can spend together—alone. But the joy of the Divine love is that it is always present. All I need do is attend to awaken to this mystery.  And sometimes? When I forget? He reminds me.

Andre Dubus says, “ [I]t would be madness to try to live so intensely as lovers that every word and every gesture between us is sacrament.” But even he acknowledges there is a way.

“… We can do what the priest does, with his morning consecration before entering the routine of his day; what the communicant does in that instant of touch, that quick song of the flesh, before he goes to work. We can bring our human, distracted love into focus with an act that doesn’t need words, an act which dramatizes for us what we are together …” (On Charon’s Wharf from Broken Vessels)

An act that doesn’t need words. That’s what my playdates with God have become. Wordless prayer.

The action that leads to this place need not be a complicated one. The lighting of a candle, assuming a certain posture, stepping away from the usual. Every breath becomes a prayer when I trust God with my time.

That’s what makes a playdate with God. Tending the fire of our love.


A Practical Tip: As you look over your plans today, and every day this week, pray specifically over the details of your day, plans and the people who are part of the plans. Submit to God’s ultimate authority and plan by acknowledging His freedom to do as He sees fit with your moments, even if they require you to adapt  or relinquish your plan.

Quotes to Ponder:   “There is wonder in each passing moment because God’s fingerprints are all over them.” ~Laura Boggess

“In the morning, I lie on the floor of our meeting place and study the cobwebs on the ceiling. I recount to God all the things I’ve been blessed to have on my to-do list today. And then I do the thing my first spiritual director told me she does every morning. This is what I have planned, I say. But if you have other ideas, please feel free.” ~Laura Boggess

A  Prayer for  Today:  Lord, all of my days stretch out before you visible. Let me trust in your goodness, wisdom and grace for all I can see, and especially for all I can’t. Help me today to trust that my time is in your hands. Let me not clench the fist but trust you with all of it, every single moment. In Jesus name, Amen.



This is Day 13 of the series Planning with Purpose: 31 Days of Planner Tips

I wrote an INTRO POST here explaining everything!

I have also made designated a PAGE for it. Hope this makes it easy. I am happy to tackle a topic, or issue with regard to your planner habits.

Feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me. 

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I pray this series is a blessing to you. 

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30 thoughts on “Trusting God with our Time (Guest Post by Laura Boggess)

  1. “An act that doesn’t need words. That’s what my playdates with God have become. Wordless prayer.”

    Loved this! Wordless prayer, indeed!

    Thank you, Dawn, for inviting Laura Boggess to post on your blog this morning. She is a pretty amazing woman…full of grace and encouragement.

    Blessings to you!

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  2. Aw, sweet Laura– I love this! I am almost done with your book and am a lotta-bit in love with it. Seriously good stuff– and there is a good chance I am going to be rereading it soon.

    Here’s to having a playdate with God as I trust him with my day! #Amen


    1. You are the sweetest, Sharita. I’m so glad you are enjoying the book. That’s the best compliment :). Here’s to many playdates to come.


    1. And good to see you here too, Dolly! Praying this prayer with you as we go through another busy season. Much love to you, my friend.


  3. I’m following Laura around blogland, meeting all these great people, sometimes for the first time, (Hi, Dawn!) and soaking up so much good stuff in anticipation of reading her book! Praying over the detail of our day, so basic, and yet how many of us do it. Consistently and with a relinquished heart? Praying I can put this one into practice… thanks Laura & Dawn! Blessings to you both.

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    1. Hi June, thanks for following Laura here today! I ‘ve been trying to keep up with her myself…agreeing in prayer with you to practice what I am “preaching ” here and for us both to have relinquished hearts. Great word and thought. Nice meeting you.


    2. June, thank you for following me over here, isn’t this fun? To visit and meet new folks and in new places? It’s such a wonderful thing when my favorite people come together in the same place. I’m still practicing the praying the details too, something I think I’ll be practicing all my days. But this is what it means to be continually conformed to the image of Christ, doesn’t it? Blessings to you too, my friend.

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  4. I didn’t know you knew Dawn, Laura–your two of my favorite ladies and bloggers! I love all you say here and how you see simple things as an opportunity to have a playdate with God. I think actually many of have been doing that without knowing what to call it or, even, God forbid, knowing He is there bidding our play. That’s sad. But you are bringing it to our attention–and isn’t that half the battle–AWARENESS? CanNOT wait to read that book of yours!
    Play on!

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    1. Lynn, I could send you mine when I am done! Although I have been marking it up…and I am a little slow of a reader. But I peeked ahead today too! lol. It is so good…I feel the same when I read yours, and you describe siting with your journal at the cafe…this too, resonates so like yours. Hugs! And I mean it…if you can wait a bit, I can send you my well loved, if not soo to be tattered copy! lol


    2. Lynn, isn’t it a small world? And isn’t Dawn wonderful? I’m not surprised the two of you are friends since you have that same generous spirit. And you are too kind about my book. You know what, we should exchange books! I would love to have a signed copy of your latest and It would be a thrill to send you one of mine! Will you email me if you want to? Yay!

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  5. Oh that is too sweet. Only if you will permit me to send you an autographed copy of mine. Then you can write in one of them! =] I thnk you told me you wanted to, but didn’…..or if you did, maybe you’d like a “clean copy.” =]

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    1. OMG. I regret writing in the beautiful copy I have…You are so sweet. I figured when I met you (someday) I would MAKE you sign my copy! lol. I should say, request you to sign my copy. But it is too beautiful to be marked. Really it is.


      1. My pleasure, Dawn. This is coming back to me now, and admittedly, I was surprised you had written in and/or highlighted a gift book. But hey! I realized what an *incredible* honor that was to me as author. Books are your friends, and so are their authors, and you need to be able to interact w/ them. Next time I get to the PO I will send one to you.


  6. I am thrilled to see that I have a sister in wordless prayer. There have been times that I have had friends who boast at how much time they spend in prayer. I struggle to be able to measure my prayer in time because it is a breathing in and out…I am so excited that you are sharing this with the world!

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    1. I almost used that phrase “wordless prayer” in the title…but then wanted to stay with a plannerish kind of spin…I so agree with you KD- important message. AND comforting to know, that He is as near as our breath, as we breathe those wordless prayers. 😉 Thanks for visiting.


  7. Thanks for this great post! So important to have these playdates with God here and there, and let him make plans for us as well. Sounds like a good book to read!


  8. Inspiring words! My favorite are here:”An act that doesn’t need words. That’s what my playdates with God have become. Wordless prayer.” ~ 1 Thes 5:17, we are to be praying continually, without ceasing. Wordless Prayer is a continual reminder that He is near, He is in the moment with us and our actions can be a continual praise. Beautiful.


  9. So many inspiring words here. This hits me the most: “Isn’t this awakening in my soul about paying attention?” Yes! I want to pay more and more attention. Because when I do, every moment becomes holy. Thanks Laura and Dawn!

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