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Life is kind of funny. It really can get away from you. If you let it. Today I want you to consider the time you spend living and the time you spend planning. Some people have a natural affinity for being organized, planning and getting things done. Some of us have to work harder at it than others. Regardless of where you fall between the lines, the fact is no one hits a mark unless they aim for something. So, what are you aiming for, Friend?

As I’ve coached a number of people over the years, I have noticed something as a common denominator in getting IT (whatever is the it at the time) done. A clearly defined goal…but to have a clearly defined goal, you also need to have an overall picture of what you are aiming for, or what it is you are planning to attain. So, goals are set and choices made in light of your mission.

Your mission statement helps define who you are aiming to be. A personal mission statement can help you prioritize more easily when you feel overwhelmed. It can make it easier to let your yes, be yes and your no be no (Matthew 5:37). Businesses create mission statements for the company and also for the employees. You could have a family mission statement to guide you, or a team mission statement for a group. But, let me just say, having a mission statement to guide you will be a giant step forward in your planning life and certainly help you to plan with purpose.

I have two resources that have helped me develop my own personal mission statement. For years I sat in many Franklin Covey Workshops and training seminars. I cannot say enough how they helped me while I managed my own business for a number of years. If you go to the website there is a free resource for you to play with and create your own mission statement to help guide your planning in a balanced way. Click the link or GO HERE NOW. 

The church I used to attend also conducted a number of group and church endeavor  based on Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Church and Life. So my hubby and I had the good fortune not only hosting  a small group for one year but I also attended a second round at a later date. This was a great blessing and suited my planner mentality quite well, I might add! I encourage you to explore the resources available there as well.

I will just leave you with the fruit from my second year’s effort (which I keep in my planner, mostly) :

My life purpose is to know God, love Him with passion, trust Him completely, grow in His grace. minister His truth and serve Him wholeheartedly, wherever I am, whoever I am with, at all times, forever. Amen. ~Dawn P. 

Everything I do in my life comes back to this statement. It is my mission for life, for work, for play, for everything. It is my aim.  As Paul puts it in the book of Philippians, “Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own.”

These words were painfully constructed by me and addressed each area that I desired to grow in. That I attain to…as my guiding statement, it defines the me I want to be. No matter what I am doing. Remember in the earlier posts I spoke about thinking about who we want to be, not just the what we want to do. This is where you can really hone in on weaknesses and use target words to shape, guide and mold you and your day.

A Mission Statement will invigorate, energize and inspire you. At least it should, otherwise what’s the purpose ? And that is exactly the point! Purpose based planning is what we are aiming for, so aim high…be all that you can be! Oops, my inner Marines drill sergeant just popped out.

A Practical Tip: Go to one of the websites above and create your mission statement.  Make a copy or write it out and pop it into your planner or journal! Or both! If this is too big for today, make it your mission to explore the subject, and plan to take steps to apply the concepts in some way. I actually popped over to the FC website today and did an update there. Of course my stated mission above is y keeper forever. But the details of how that looks in time change.

A  Quote or two to Ponder:  “Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing it is not fish they are after.”  ~ Henry David Thoreau 

“The way you SEE your life SHAPES your life. How you define life determines your destiny. Your perspective will influence how you invest your time, spend your money, use your talents, and value your relationships.” ~Rick Warren

A  Prayer for  Today:  Lord, I thank you that you created everything and every person with and for a purpose. I ask you that by the same grace and power you finish the work you began in me. Shape me, mold me, guide me, according o your good purposes and lead me in the way everlasting. In Jesus name, Amen.


This is Day 8 of the series Planning with Purpose: 31 Days of Planner Tips

I wrote an INTRO POST here explaining everything!

I have also made designated a PAGE for it. Hope this makes it easy. I am happy to tackle a topic, or issue with regard to your planner habits.

Feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me. 

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I pray this series is a blessing to you. 

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  1. Ya know, it is a very cumbersome thing to print a blog post because, of course, printers want to print everything that the computer sees. I am printing this one though. There’s a lot of good wisdom in here that I need to reflect upon. Thanks.


    1. Thanks Shelby, let me know if you have any questions. If I don’t have the answer we can explore together! AND if you want I could always e-mail you a copy of the post minus the screen view. 😉


      1. I agree w/ Shelby here, Dawn. This is absolultely PRINT-WORTHY!! In fact, I did just that–cut and pasted and printed. On a technical note, can you possibly add a feature that says print only? I’ve seen some blogs do that and when you hit the button, it reformats it beautifully. Just a thought, but I don’t know if WordPress has that feature.

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  2. You are right on target! I spent a year with a personal life coach creating a vision, purpose, mission statement…I reduced the three area to these six words: follow Jesus, generate ideas, write words…the help me when I feel out of sorts and to get back on track! Thanks again for living out your mission statement with this series! You rock!


    1. Oh Kel, that is so perfect for you! And that you reduced to 6 – well that is a great challenge for a word lover after all, yes? lol. Love that and inspired to do something like that…but I always have a problem with the reduction of words…lol.


  3. This is a fabulous post, Dawn. I’m right here with you, loving all things journal, planner, and purpose! I’ve done a lot of reading on purpose, as well, and I agree that it drives our entire life. (or should! 🙂 Like you, I’ve read and love Stephen Covey’s work. There are other authors, too, from whom I’ve benefitted like Laurie Beth Jones and Christine and Tom Sine. But my hands-down favorite author on purpose is Kevin McCarthy, author of the fabulous book, The On-Purpose Person. You may see his work here: Kevin has a unique approach and distinguishes between purpose, mission, vision, and values. Most people don’t, but even a quick dictionary check will show them as completely different concepts. Kevin is a Christian author, although he appeals also to the secular world. I highly recommend his first book, which I have mentioned above. One could read it in an hour or so, but the truths will stay with you for a lifetime. It is written like a modern-day parable (not religious), that is easily understood by anyone, and yet deceptively simple. It’s the kind of book you’d want to read at least annually. Kevin helped me to understand that a purpose is not generic (something, say, that could apply to any Christian–but something for which God has uniquely made you), and it is not about doing something as in a role and different tasks. It has to do with being and who you are at your core. He is also the only author whom I know who feels it’s imperative to hone your purpose statement to two words. I’ve worked with Kevin personally, and Queen of Verbosity that I am, I thought he surely had to be kidding, but he was not. He feels if you can’t state your purpose statement at gunpoint, you will forget it (which I certainly did in the past!), and worse yet, you probably don’t really know what it is. It is tremendously clarifying to put your purpose into two words–you eliminate the extraneous, and in the end, what you really were not created for. After working with Kevin, I came to the prayerful conclusion that my purpose is “encouraging transparency.” Those words are pregnant with meaning for me and shimmer with excitement. Your purpose statement should light a fire under you. Anyway, I am totally waxing too long here, but I wanted to mention Kevin’s work. It’s outstanding…… is your blog! So happy that Kel led me to your work, Dawn. You are amazing!
    PS Glad you enjoyed reading about Myrtle! Thank you so much for commenting!


    1. OH! Lynn, thanks for your encouragement. I feel I have heard of Kevin and His book, but NOW I have to read it. I love the image of “t gunpoint”. He sounds like my kinda guy. lol. I love that kind of zeal. And if I had to narrow it down, I would say to know, love and believe Jesus, and make him known. AND to encourage intimacy with Him. BUT…I will have to work on this more…It is I who am blessed by you and Kel and this crazy gracious group of believers in the BLogsphere. It is mind bogglingly beautiful.. I may have just committed an alliteration crime here. Sorry for that. heeeheee. Just got up, and headed for the first cup of offee . That is my excuse. Lynn, best wishes for the Jennifer Dukes Lee thing…it’s a contest? Well…seriously? I do not know how your piece can’t win. Love JDL as well. Are you and Kel going to a conference again soon?


  4. Dawn, you are just so cute. I too have just awoken and desperately need a cup of STRONG Enlgish tea, and so when you talked about your spontaneous alliteration, I had just read it as : mind-blogglingly beautiful! Truly! And I am Queen of Alliteration (or so dubbed), so you can NEVER have too much for me! It makes writing sing–that and assonance. =] Actually, now that I think of it, it was likely Laurie Beth Jones (in The Path) who talked about having a purpose statement (though I think she calls it mission statement–there again, that confusion about using these statements interchangably), ANYWAY! I think it was she who talked about keeping it short so you could recite it at gunpoint. BUt I think Kevin goes the next step because of the two-word statement. It’s immensely clarifying. Before mine was about three sentences. It looked good on paper, but I could never remember it. And also, after I worked w/ Kevin, I realized I was really inserting my missions–you can have more than one of those, but only one purpose. Think of Paul, e.g., who had various missions to different Christians in different cities at different seasons. Think of the word missionary. It’s what you do, using the talents and gifts God’s given you. I am hardly trying to argue or to say I know your purpose (please know that!!!), but when you say you want to love and believe Jesus, is this something all Christians should want and need to do? How has He made Dawn? Why are YOU personally on this planet?
    Here is someone who wrote about Kevin’s work and uses his little graphic. You can see that the heart reflects purpose (who you are), but the feet and hands reflect mission (what you do). Values are reflected in the gut, and the eyes cast the vision. I’ts just a helpful little way to remember.
    This gentleman has used Kevin’s program and in his article shows you examples of two-word purpose statements:
    I think you will enjoy his book; in story form, it’s really easy to understand and remember. Hes also written the On-Purpose Business.
    Regarding wonderful JDL, no, it’s not her contest, but Michelle DeRusha’s, also a very gifted author.
    Kel is likely reading here: say, Kel, are we goign to another conference?! No plans in the work that I know of, but I’m always game. Kel and Kelly are coming to my cabin in late October to look at changing leaves, take long walks, have long chats, and engage in long laughs! Wanna come?!
    Love you, Dawn.
    and now without further adieu, GOTTA HAVE THAT TEA!!!!!


  5. Greetings Ladies. I’m late to this discussion but I’m loving what I’m reading. @Lynn – thanks for bringing this discussion to my attention.
    @Dawn – reading your posts, try this 2-word purpose statement on: [To the Glory of God, I exist to serve by] Encouraging Intimacy.
    Be On-Purpose!


      1. Just checked out, finally (timing! ) and I also resonate with your words Lynn “Encouraging Transparency” but curious how I could get down to two words…oh, Lord, that my words would be few! Alas, not often! lol…


    1. Wow, Kevin, I really didn’t expect to see you here, but I should have known better. You are such an encouraging, humble leader. Obviously, you didn’t ask me to plug your work, but I do so with enthusiasm and abandon. The On-Purpose Person is life-transforming! You and your work have changed me and mine. And actually taking one of your online courses is fabulous. You offer so much information and also personal access to you. I’ve not encountered that kind of generosity in most such courses! Thanks for being on-purpose!
      To the glory of God, I exist to serve by ENCOURAGING TRANSPARENCY!


  6. Dawn I so get what you are saying about TWO WORDS! Yikes! I really balked at that. But having worked personally w/ Kevin, and having read all his materials, I realized he is really on to something. Too much verbiage in this case (and you already know me to be the Queen of Christian Verbosity!)…..but too much when it comes to purpose, just muddies the water. When we ask God to give us laser vision with regards to purpose, it cuts through the confusion. He uses two words to help us hone in our essence, and it’s so much easier to live on-purpose in light of that. Because you asked (and only because you asked)….let me challenge you in a loving way here…..just a bit. As I read the beautiful purpose over which you have prayed so long and have taken time to painstakingly craft, I would ask you if these things could apply to all Christians? Are we, for example to to know God? Are we to love Him with passion? Are we to trust Him completely? If these are things we all are to know, what is your personal specific purpose? Why did He place you on this planet? Are we to grow in His grace? Are we to minister His truth and serve Him wholeheartedly? And might these things be more missionally oriented than purpose oriented? Why are YOU, DAWN, specifically here, and how does what you do (your mission) emanate from your purpose? Deep questions, but you are up for the challenge!


    1. Hi Lynn, I actually read this post of yours and wanted to reply when I had a moment but look how time has gotten by. OK, so I could do a whole post on my answer. #1 I am considering your two word challenge, however I also will raise the anty! lol. ABout my own written mission statement- when I wrote it (@7 ish years ago. And it came from more of a heart’s desire to be that which I was writing. I believe that God continues to mold me and that although that SHOULD be the aim and desire of all Christians, may I say, ever so humbly, I know many who not only do not share in this desire, but whom are also complacent, even sleepwalking through life. Or they are completely sidetracked by the things of this world. See, ultimately I want this to be my ON PURPOSE mission daily, and from this mind set God will have free reign to mold me as He will. So as far as it being for “all ” Christians”…I can’t answer for them. I am accountable for me, and as for me, if nothing else at all I will be content if I live out exactly that statement and am remembered for that…it covers a lot of spiritual battle ground and I stand by it and in it. I also believe as I do this (as I said) I can be as Paul said – all things to all people so that some might come to Him- in other words- moldable clay, suitable for multiple purposes at the hands of the Master’s Will and desire. Again, I could go on BUT I will stop there for now- I will get back to you about the two words…pondering further. Love and thanks to you for your challenge and friendship!


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