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Recently while Journal shopping I stumbled upon a great bargain at Staples and it was so good I felt inspired to share my good fortune with one of you, my faithful writing friends. As you know in June we begin our 21 Days of Journaling in June. Writing has been therapeutic for me since childhood. I long to share this gift with you as we journey together.

Early in my journal writing journey I felt that writing only the good stuff was what journal keeping was about. That belief could not be further from the truth. My greatest writing and most profitable moments in my journal keeping journey have come through writing the hard stuff. The stuff we really would rather not have as part of our story. Bu there it is…and if I’m waiting to start my journaling when my life gives me a picture perfect day, or I only am willing to write through those days, I will never reap the beautiful benefits of journal keeping.

I am here to tell you this:

Be brave in your journal. Write from the most naked part of your soul.

It will set you free-er than you have ever been before.

To celebrate embarking on our journey which begins on June 1st , I want to offer you a chance to win this Poppin yellow journal. I bought two on my recent shopping trip. One for me and one for one of you! This line of office products is new to me and I love the bright, cheery colors available. June is the kickoff for Summer and yellow is the perfect Sunshine color to go with this journey!

If you have journal keeping friends or want to inspire a friend to journal, please share this post!


To learn more about the Journal Keeping Community that meets monthly here, check out Random Journal Day.


Enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win a Yellow Poppin. Notebook (Softcover:Medium, 5X81/4, 192 pages) Perfect for journaling your journey in June!



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Dawn Paoletta is a life enthusiast who loves to juggle words, chug coffee, and journal excessively. You can find her gathering stones on the beach most mornings. She enjoys hanging out with her hubby, daughter and family pets in Narragansett, RI and shares her passion, poetry and prose @Enthusiastically, Dawn.

26 thoughts on “Journaling Your Journey and a Journal Giveaway!

  1. Yay! I’m going to enter. When does the giveaway open? I REALLY….REALLY….REALLY need to start journaling again. I’m going to check out this journal thing. God help me!


    1. I just love you Barbie! We are so much alike. I have a stack of giveaway books, I have not even had time to get to yet. But God blesses me in giving them to me for when the time is right. It opens at Midnight. Deep breath. Hope your mom is continuing to do well. I am not on Facebook as much right now, caught pieces but with you in Spirit and prayer.


    2. Barbie, it is open…I am so thinking this will be relaxing. Anyway…that is my thought even as I just re-read the prompts ( I wrote them months ago). No pressure…Lord, knows- just breathe! You make me smile.


      1. Thanks for the reminder Dawn! Between having computer issues & a completely out-of-control several weeks I had forgotten. But I have been living Phillipians 4:13 & He has been sustaining me through it all.


      2. Glad you made it back, Ann! It has been a difficult season here as well. Praying for yu this morning…Will hope to share on SUnday’s post in some capacity. See you there – if you can. Hate computer problems, ack!


  2. Great post, Dawn, and I coudln’t agree more. So often people just want to journal pretty things, maybe to remember (and that’s fine), but also to sanitize their feelings in case someone should read their journals. That’s not a good thing, because if you are not honest, then journaling simply will not help you in the way that it can otherwise. My jourrnals contain everything–lovely remembrances, heartfelt prayers, gut-wrenching prayers, confessions, etc. Sometimes people also discard their journals or ask that they be disposed of when they die. But as a Christian, I want my daughter to have access to my true self and my honest wrestling before God. She will see a flawed mother, but an honest one, and moreover, a faithful God who sustained me through it all.
    Thanks for important sharing.


  3. I agree about the writing, but I no longer write anything concerning anyone else unless it is all sunshine and roses. You’d think as an adult I could expect my family to respect my privacy, but no…they have repeatedly snooped. They know the journals are my therapy, that I work through things in my writing, but they get mad at me. It’s not worth it. I only write about me, not my feelings about people or things they do. I hate that they’ve taken that from me. 😦


    1. I think you will love the prompts Stacy. You are part of my inspiration team (unofficially and in my mind! ). When you told me about how you did not love the prompts of another endeavor, I knew I had wanted to do my own…so, I did. Hope you will join in, this will be realxing, fun , explorative writing. Short or long, however you are moved to write! Get your journal ready…


  4. Count me in! I was hesitant to take on something new but this has been weighing on me so much lately, I think it just might be what I need to do to sort out everything that’s all jumbled up in my head…lay it out on paper and release some of this weight! 🙂


    1. Hi Dawn! The prompts are not overly heavy…I think they offer great flexibility and are not burdensome. One could write a paragraph, or an essay! It just depends. But tackle it anyway that seems good. I was thinking of you this morning, I have a card that I have been meabning to write out and send since …well since in RL. Things have been so crazy. Qite literally. Love to you, my friend!


  5. I have been journaling since 1989 and I’m on my 58th volume. I have found it beneficial to write about the struggles as well as the blessings in my life. But I always write in a way that doesn’t put others in a bad light. For example, if I’m upset with a friend or family member, I never name them. I write about my part of the solution and how God is helping me through the pain to glorify Him. I write with the realization that my children and grandchildren will one day read what I’ve penned, and I want them to glean from how God helped me every day of my life, not pick up ill feelings toward others. Thanks for the giveaway. I’m always in need of journals–and this one is so cheerful!


    1. I think that is wise advice to practice. Would love to see you participate in our Random Journal Day and share some of your entries. You will be blessed by fellow journal keepers as they share peeks into their own journals. Hope you will consider joining us ! As for my journal journey, it really is an unfolding of God’s presence and power in my life. Since I have been keeping journals since my teen years (I will be 5o this year- ack!) there is a recorded journey of my soul’s transformation and some of it ain’t pretty. But God’s evidence is on the pages, and the lack of it as well. To Him be the glory! Good luck, and hope you will stick around and get to know us!


  6. I’ll be honest I have never journaled to a prompt, mine is more of a brain dump of anything happening in my life. So I am curious to see what you have come up with. Although I can’t promise to write on all of them…but you never know…we will see how the Lord leads me.


    1. Oh Deanna, please just do whatever really is good for you. I bet you will get a kick out of the prompts…others will be a bit more …challenging perhaps. Either way, it is for the journal. For fun, and inspiration- NO pressure for sure. Thanks for checking in!


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