21 Days of Journaling in June (Your Invitation)

photo credit: nathmart via photopin cc
photo credit: nathmart via photopin cc


Dear Writing Friends,


You are cordially invited to join me in a Journaling Journey in June.

June 1st through 21st to be exact.

A few months back I wrote out a number of writing prompts, in my journal. My intention was to create a short book of writing inspiration for my fellow journal keepers and those who long to keep a journal but are not quite sure where to start.


I thought we could journal the journey together in June. I will be serving up the prompts and I am hoping that you will join along with me.


We will then have the Random Journal Day for July (scheduled July 4th) open up early for those who would like to share their June journals. (Date TBA). RJD will go as scheduled but it will be a longer journal keeping celebration and link opportunity.


I am off to go buy my special Blank Journal for our writing journey in June. You have plenty of time to choose or even create your own. I will be posting updates, landing page, and more details soon. Hover your mouse over the Random Journal Day page on Bar at the top of blog  for info


Enthusiastically, Dawn


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14 thoughts on “21 Days of Journaling in June (Your Invitation)

  1. Sounds like fun — but truth be told, I’m not a good journaler. Is it ok to watch along? Sometimes I’ll use journaling prompts for scrapbook ideas.


      1. I’ve actually considered doing just that Dawn — I have a lot of faithbooking pages. 🙂


  2. Okay, Dawn, I’ll give it a go. Usually I don’t need prompts. I’m the most undisciplined of creatures in most areas of my life…other than writing. But writing to prompts? That’s a different kind of challenge. Let the games begin, right?


    1. YAY! I know what you mean, though. I almost can write anytime, UNTIL a prompt. Hence, why I figured I would do this one with you all….I wrote them awhile back and need to go edit and prep them nice. I know this will be awesome. And look forward to it! Wonder what journal you will use…I am having a giveaway for a Poppin Journal!


  3. sounds great, Dawn, and I love that alliterative title! =] All the best w/ this!


  4. Can’t wait to see what you end up with Dawn! I’ve been feeling the urge to start a new journal too… if life permits I will join you in this exciting adventure! 🙂


    1. Oh, my friend, I would be so blessed if you did AND were blessed in the joining in! I actually intend (if all goes well) to use these prompts in a book offering SO here’s hoping AND it would be great to have you on this journey!


  5. I like this idea, and will be stopping back by. Found you through All Things Bright and Beautiful link up, and it is nice to meet you and visit your lovely blog.


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