Fast Food Faith or Feasting with the King?

photo credit: Alison Faith via photopin cc
photo credit: Alison Faith via photopin cc


 Some days I feel like I’ve crammed a whole lot of nothing in and God is just waiting with a plateful of nourishment for my soul…

how about you, do you ever feel you’ve been settling for scraps instead of enjoying choice morsals with Your King?

It’s really a choice, friends.

I’m guest posting over at Shanyn’s place, will you stop by and check out my thoughts there.

Before you go, I’d like to pray quick for you:

Lord, You are a good God, a faithful God. There is none like you. Teach us to number our days, in this time called today, that we may have a heart of wisdom. May we not settle for that which fills our belly temporarily- leaving us malnourished, but let us instead be satisfied only with that which provides lasting nourishment for our souls. We are a stubborn, stiffnecked people, prone to walk in ways that lead us far from you.

Lead us today in the way everlasting.

I ask this in Jesus name, Amen. 

Now off to Stawberry Roan you go!

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