Random Journal Day Link Up #37


Welcome to Random Journal Day! 

Come on in and link up!

I am itching to get this party started, so if the post is early, it’s only because I am getting antsy about making sure everything goes just right. No worries, I’ll wait for you…

It’s pretty simple to join in our community. Dig into your journal stack. Be brave, and reach deep into your pile, stack or shelf. Good. Now grab one of those memory keeping instruments and open it up. Next you can take a picture (if it is convenient, if not no worries!) and write up a post on your blog.  Share a portion of your writing or the whole piece. Don’t forget to add a link in your post that leads back to our gathering! Then come link up. Be sure and check out what others in the community are sharing. After all, if you are anything like me, you love to peek in other people’s journals. Well, it’s the truth- I do, I do!

The first Random Journal Day began March 31 2012. All because I stumbled upon a post where fellow blogger and now friend Susie, shared from her journal, and I, being a staunch advocate of all things JOURNAL, asked if she’d be willing to connect with others in a community link up. Despite neither of us having a clue of how exactly that would work out or how to proceed-we did, and here we are still.

Beginning next month we would like to feature a Journal Keeper each month here at the Link Up. If you have been participating for awhile you can expect me to e-mail you to put you into the schedule. If you are new but think you really want to jump in and share, let me know. I will give more details soon, but for the most part it will be an opportunity to share more about your thoughts on Journal Keeping, why and how you do it, and some tips you’ve learned along the way that keep you journaling the journey. It will be right here, where I am writing…instead of me rambling on, you get a shot at it! This is separate and in addition to your linked RJD post. ( This seems obvious to me…but sometimes it needs to be spelled out)

Journal Keeping embraces so many forms! I have kept many types of  journals, and continue to do so. I currently am loving a couple of journals by Markings for C.R. Gibson. They are  very durable, look good, easy to carry in a purse, and perfect size. I keep a larger one, but this size and style has worked for me repeatedly; it is the one I am using for our Whispers of Hope prayer journey. (I bought these journals and am not affiliated with C.R. Gibson in any way- but if they happen to decide to send me a journal I might be inclined to be really happy about it!).

If you are looking for inspiration, Kel Rohlf, one of our creative community is doing a 28 Days of Being You at her creative and inspirational Souldare Blog. If you want some inspiration for journaling or feel in a rut, stop by and check it out. I know Kel will inspire you on your journaling journey!

ALL kinds of Journals welcome here! OH, and even your planner. I am planner obsessed. Covering that in a post to come!

Let’s begin!

photo credit: Bob AuBuchon via photopin cc

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7 thoughts on “Random Journal Day Link Up #37

  1. Dawn, thanks for commenting on my blog post today. You know how warming it is to hear from people! I’ve been looking around to see how your Random Journal Friday posts work. I get what to post. I was hoping to see examples of what people do. Is that possible? I did look at the souldare site. Do I have that right? And signed up for that. Can’t quite tell if the 28 days are over or if they go on. New horizons!


    1. Hi Barbara, so glad that you are here. On my old site Beneath the Surface: Breath of Faith there is a link to every Random Journal Day from the first one on! Not that you are feeling that ambitious, but when you are in the mood to peruse the posts, you might enjoy. Also I have a RJD Writing Adventure coming soon- so stay tuned, I think it will be a wonderful journey for you to jump in and journal the journey! Here is the main link (LINKS tab on old site) : http://beneaththesurface-dawn.blogspot.com/p/links.html
      Also the RJD post that Kel’s link was on also has the individual links through Mr. Linky, just as a FYI. I think the old site will give you the flavor…look forward to staying in touch! Oh, and let me know if you have any other questions !


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