Alone Time with Jesus

It’s been a hard week. That is a weak way to start off this blog post today in light of a global pandemic. I’m pretty sure the world needs a big, giant time-out from itself, before it completely melts down due to mental and emotional exhaustion and information overload…oh, heck maybe I am just projecting my own state onto the world.

Is there a specific name for when you anthropomorphize the population of a planet? Or maybe I have lost my marbles. Fortunately, I know where to go when my marbles go missing. Meanwhile, the planet does resemble a marble, right?

As the Coronavirus tightens a noose around the world’s neck, we find ourselves squeezed tighter into our confined spaces, gasping for air. We struggle to breathe, gulp in some news. But what are we doing? In the space of a week all of our tiny universes have been altered. Some more drastic than others. The playing field of our humanity has been leveled. It took a week for everyone to find themselves in an unprecedented state of being. Where are we now?

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