Arrival of the King

Arrival of the King

Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter. This gift of words from my King, freely received, freely given. All praise to the King of Kings, Lord of Lords. He is worthy of all praise! Amen.

Arrival of the King

He makes, saints of sinners,
but that’s not all He will do…
He’s got His eyes on you, friend,
and He’s Faithful and True.

He makes worshippers out of the unworthy,
truth-lovers out of liars,
givers out of thieves,
law abiders out of rebels,
royal children out of beggars and beasts.

A family of orphans drawn together-
not because of what they were
or who they are, but because of
one holy sacrifice, the Son of Man slain
for rich and poor alike.

God’s loss, man’s gain.
The Lamb of God given
absorbing all mankind’s blame.

We bow down, adore Him
worshipping His Holy Name
as Jesus Christ, Messiah
returns to stake His claim.

He makes, saints of sinners, it’s true-
but that’s not all He will do…
He’s got His eyes on you, friend,
and He’s coming for you, too.

Meditation of the Redeemed

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My heart is full…
Lord, I sense your grace.
Despite my sin
I know my place.

Remaining still, as sure as the sky-
for on that day You chose to die.
Not random or planned by the hands
of sinful man; but only by God’s
master plan was sin undone
throughout the land.

His blood poured out, as was foretold-
Bulls and goats for sin were sold,
Sacrificed for mercy’s sake,
to put an end to Satan’s wake.

And though the times grow dark, indeed,
He is alive- coming for those he has freed,
to reign and ride in victory!
Oh, Lamb of God, Your Glory be.

Thank you for reading, liking and sharing this poem. I wrote it in 2015 when my One Word for the year was Redeemed. I wish you a Happy Easter, and the peace of God during this time. This will be my last post for the Lent season. I pray these posts have been helpful to encourage you in your spiritual journey and your intimacy with the Lord.

My “Bee” Happy Routine for Stressful Times

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The bee is more honored than other animals,

not because she labors,

but because she labors for others.

-St. John Chrysostom

First, before I start this journey with you about my little “Bee Happy” routine of late, I want to let you know, Bees themselves have little to do with this post, however I have to admit there is still a lot to we could learn from something so small as a honeybee.

Secondly, I confess to a somewhat compulsive adoration for alliteration. I apologize in advance.

Thirdly, I am already cracking myself up. I will not apologize for that… since we know laughter is good for the soul.

Are you ready for some serious psychological, spiritual and serendipitous support from my little section of the stratosphere? Yup…I went there. This is going to be a fun post, or you will hate my guts, but either way, it’s better than a poke in the eye. EGAD! Do not touch your face!

Let’s begin…

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