Discover Your Journaling Joy in June

For June I’ve decided to devote some time and energy to supporting the journaling journey of those who are looking for some encouragement or inspiration in the realm of the written word- as well as the creative and collaged word. If you are looking for a short enjoyable journaling jaunt to reignite, refresh, reinvigerate or revive your journaling paractice or if you are looking to try something new for the first time, let’s talk! Your journal is the perfect sidekick for everyday explorations of every imaginable excursion!

If you think you would like to jumpstart your journaling practice but have no idea where to begin, this 3-week challenge is for you!

If you have a million ideas for journaling but are completely overwhelmed with which one to choose, start here! This 3-week challenge is for you.

If you already journal regularly, and have a set journaling practice, hold onto your hat (and pen) I’ve got you covered! This 3-week journaling challenge is for you!

If you are a …shhhh…”closet” writer, who never speaks of what is written behind closed doors and would never admit to…”journaling”…oh, yeah-I see you. This 3-week challenge is coming for you!

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