Your Invitation to Discover Your Journaling Joy in June


First, let me introduce myself, in case you are new here. I’m Dawn and I go by Enthusiastically, Dawn as well as The Journal Enthusiast. Prior to sharing my passion for journaling and writing, I went by title The Fitness Enthusiast. Back in those days, I coached, tortured , I mean trained and encouraged students of all ages. Ive been a bit more sedentary these days and I prefer to direct my energies towards writing, especially poetry, and encouraging personal growth through the simple exercise of journaling. Technically, journaling counts as exercise! Aren’t you glad you stopped by for that little nugget today? Putting pen to paper does have health benefits, but that’s not why I do it. I consider it the greatest opportunity one has to know themselves and understand others. Better still, journaling brings joy. So if you haven’t yet experienced joy in the act of journaling, stick around. I’ve got you covered!

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