Better than Beasts?

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Words are wild dogs on a hunt,
relentlessly chasing their prey
until at last they tear into its living flesh
devour the beast while it yet breathes.

We believe we are better than beasts,
who hunt to survive, to live…
life for life.

We believe words matter, as we point fingers,
shame, accuse, berate-
call out others, but not ourselves,
hold accountable, but refuse to hold up a mirror
that we might realize our words mean nothing.

The One who sees and knows every word spoken
also said to hate your brother is to be a murderer already,
and what did you just say to your brother, your sister, your
neighbor, your mother, your child?
When every face looking back at you is your brother, your sister, your
neighbor, your mother, your child!

AND you, who can’t control your own tongue,
you want to tell me what I need to do?
Who I need to be? What I should believe, say, do?
You want to give me advice?
You can’t stop murdering your brother,
so, tell me why I should listen to you?

Injustice for All

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Injustice for All 6.7.2020 5:00 AM

You prefer to reduce me to a hashtag, while casting me aside
one more in the multitude of idols that parade before your eyes.
Each one in turn holds your gaze- but all, eventually, just passing phase.
I Am… not a phase. Now, listen…

Your attention is that of a rat…uncaring
toward what it feeds on, so long as it is fat.
You’re satisfied with lesser things, exchanged
for all my presence brings.

I am not your preference, priority, or passion-
instead you chase trends and passing fashion.
Though I am author of all you see,
your eyes remain fixed on humanity.

Demanding what will never be,
this side of eternity.
Wasting away your precious years
on worldly wisdom and earthly fears.

Though through mercy, with unchanging grace
I’ve paid every debt of the human race.

In blindness you continue to walk,
as revealed in your daily talk,
filled with malice, lacking love.
Sharing not the perspective of heaven above.

If your words be your fate,
consider this sentence, as you wait-
for what you say not your silence
will surely greet you at the gate.


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I wrote this poem last Sunday, 5-24-20. Thank you for taking the time to read, comment, like, and share as you feel led.


Today, let’s not talk about
your politics, or my religion.

But let’s instead listen-
not in the way we do when
we’re not listening at all,
filled up to our ears with our
own ideas, and cares.

No, today let’s stop talking for once,
and learn what it is to listen.

Today, I say, let’s pledge our allegiance
to love alone and if love is
our waving flag, the banner flying
over our souls-

maybe we can begin to talk again
about our babies,

find our common ground-
stand on hope, laugh together
remember our joy.

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