Embracing Our Insignificance

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I bring you my latest journey on the first Monday of the New Year 2023. Strap yourself in, grab a cup of tea, or some other beverage, and come with me in search of something you didn’t know you needed to hear, but trust me…you do. Join me on my last adventure of 2022, as I lose a phone and find the sufficiency of Jesus, all over again. Spoiler: It’s a happy ending. But not how you might think.

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Awaiting the Birthday King

Original Artwork of C. Michael Dudash
Original Artwork of C. Michael Dudash

Merry Christmas! Today I am reposting one of the poems I have written for Christmas. This is one of my favorite poems I have ever written…originally written and shared in 2014. May it bless you today.

A poem to celebrate our babe in a manger, our Glorious King-

Wishing you all the Brightest of Christmas Wishes this holiday season.

May these words bless your heart, challenge your mind and nourish your soul’s longing.

Until He comes…

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A Prayer for Light- Christmas 2022

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Here is a prayer, a poem for this Christmas. This is something I do each year…a birthday present offered to and for my King. I pray it blesses you, even if it hurts a little. Actually, I hope it hurts…because if so, maybe there is still some hope for us all.

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Jesus, Be My Contentment

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Did you know American poet Walt Whitman revised his book Leaves of Grass as many as 12 times? “He added new poems, named or renamed old ones, and, until 1881, repeatedly regrouped them. He developed the typography, appended annexes, reworded lines, and changed punctuation, making each edition unique.” (Source: Library of Congress) This is such a great comfort to me! I remember learning this years ago and being both encouraged and liberated by it. If a revered poet such as Whitman would feel the need to revise, re-edit even the smallest details of one of the most respected published poetry collections, how much more, this accidental, UNemerged still-learning, poet from Rhode Island? I still find oversights, grammatical errors, and or subtle shifts needed in phrases to clearly communicate the intended thought in much of my writing, often after I’ve shared or published publicly.

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