10 Years of Poetry and Art at the Wickford Art Association

The 10th Annual Poetry and Art begins September 30th with Poetry readings Saturday 10/1 and Sunday 10/2 between 1-3 PM.

Today I am sharing a bit about a gallery and community which has become such a part of my creative growth and expression that I had to bring it to the blog and hash it out for you in a clear and concise manner (um…hopefully).

Grab a cup of something delightful, and get comfy, I am going to tell you a true story about how I came to know about the Wickford Art Association and my journey of growth as a poet and local arts appreciator. Go on, I’ll wait while you grab that beverage…

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How Writing Becomes Life

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Today, I have a bit of writing from the personal archives for your reading pleasure and amusement. I believe this was one of the early prompts with my local writer’s group, going back a few years. I came across it while searching for another piece of writing, and decided to give it a refresh and share it here. The joys of writing are ever surprising. Here is some of my backstory with words. Hope you enjoy.

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The Wellspring

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

I wonder if over the course of days, of these years that seem lost, if we haven’t all allowed ourselves to be distracted. Not in the small sense, but in the way that is akin to sleeping at the wheel and veering completely off the road. Somewhere between the kingdoms of seen and unseen realms there seems such a shift, that regardless of where you stand, you’d have had to notice.

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Planner Review: Lion Planner by Power Place

Welcome to my Mid-August planner review. I received the Lion Planner in July after being contacted by a representative asking if I would be willing to give an honest review. My answer: Well, duh. Here we are! I also asked if a planner could be sent to one winner of a giveaway, and the answer was, yes. I have to say this planner is a very budget friendly option as well, so for a small investment, if you do not win said giveaway, you could give it a try without breaking the bank. So many planners are overpriced at this time and the market is truly saturated. Affordable and quality options are available, but not always without a lot of up front experimentation- which adds up quickly. My goal with this review is to give you an alternative for planning this academic year, or whenever you need a fresh start.

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